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Perforated Window Signs

Perforated Window Signs

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Perforated Window Signs are perfect for cars, trucks, or storefront window signage to display high resolution images while allowing the sun to shine through the vinyl. Read More

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Custom Window Signs

Are you looking for a popular way of making your business stand out in the crowd? Custom perforated window decals and signs by are the ideal affordable storefront advertising solution for maximum business visibility. Let us be your resource for making your business logo boldly visible at our low wholesale-to-consumer prices! You can display photos, text, logos, and any important information directly on your windows with mesh window graphics. Our vivid mesh posters make great store signs for any window and come with suction cups for easy hanging and display. These mesh window graphics are fade-resistant and will significantly impact any window design since they are made from solid see-through vinyl material.

A custom perforated window decal is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Our customizable perforated window signs are lightweight and easy to apply to any outside window, making them also perfect custom auto decals. The application process of a window decal is made simple with a light adhesive that is wind, weatherproof, and easy to reposition as needed. They’re not only great on your building but can also be excellent car window signs that are easily personalized.

Because they perforated decals are durable and easy to apply, they’re among the best advertising options on windows for your business. They’re flexible - apply them to your business’ windows or even on whatever automobile you own to help promote your business. We allow our customers to customize their graphics on all our products fully, and our perforated window signs are no exception.

Don’t have any custom Artwork? Ask us about our in-house graphic artist's design team that can work with you to create perforated window signs with vibrant, long-lasting vinyl that won’t fade or bleach in sunlight. A great alternative to window decals is just as effective for your business and provides a nice contrast because the perforations accentuate the window decal design.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the best quality products at the lowest possible price, so you can rest assured when you place an order with that top quality is guaranteed.

Perforated Window Film Features

  • Simple to install, easy DIY
  • Sticks to window exterior well
  • Perforated pattern
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Fully customizable

Easy Installation for Your Average Joe

  1. Clean the area you want to put the custom decal on with a damp cloth
  2. Align the perforated decal to see if it looks good and works where you want it
  3. Mark the alignment - it’s best to have someone else who can stand back and make sure everything is straight.
  4. Remove the adhesive backing and apply the adhesive side to the solid surface according to the market

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Frequently asked Questions


What is a perforated sign?

Perforated window decals are a type of signs that have tiny holes in them. These perforated window decals are often used outside retail stores to attract attention from people passing by in the street. Perforated window vinyl can also be placed inside a store as advertisements, or it may be created for some other purpose such as a safety measure.

What are the materials used in perforated window signs?

Perforated window decal is created from rolls of the adhesive vinyl material that feature tiny, uniformly spaced holes that are only visible in one direction due to the angle at which they are cut. Perforated signs are commonly used in the construction industry.

How do perforated windows work?

Perforated windows work by allowing air to flow through the perforations. Perforated window vinyl allows for better ventilation and temperature regulation in a room or building, which can help reduce energy costs. Also, if you are want to cover an entire window with your perforated window decal start by measuring the largest width and height to make sure the entire perforated decal will cover all areas of the window.

Why are perforated window signs more cost effective than other signage options?

They're more cost-effective than other options because perforated window signs last longer than other signage options. Perforated window signs are an inexpensive and effective way to advertise your business. Perforated window vinyl can be placed in entire windows or on the outside of a building, and it also does not obstruct natural light as much as a traditional sign.

What are some of the benefits of perforated window signs?

Perforated window decals can be a great way to advertise your business. A perforated window sign is made of solid vinyl material and has holes in it, which allow people to see through window decals from outside while still being able to read what is on the other side. The benefits of using perforated window decals for advertising include:

-The perforated window decals are affordable and the installation process is easy.
-No professional installation required.
-Custom decals do not take up space on your storefront windows or walls but still cover entire windows.
-Perforated window decals are removable so you can change them out as often as necessary.


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