Window Decals vs. Perforated Window Film And What You Should Know

Old school marketing methods are in fashion again, rather never went out of fashion. You will always see large hoardings on highways advertising a particular product or service. In a similar manner, window cling vinyl advertisement never goes out of fashion. These window cling vinyl can be pasted on the inside of the see-through the window or even outside if the weather permits. They effectively promote your business to your current clients moving in and out of the building and potential customers walking on the outside and we allow you to use  customized graphics for both options. There is a variety of window vinyl that you can use as a promotional banner for your business.

Every set of vinyl window stickers has its own merits and demerits. To select one, you will need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the particular type of vinyl window stickers. The two primary kinds of consideration along with their merits and demerits are explained in the post for you to select the right set of the vinyl window sticker.

Clear static window cling

Clear static window cling

Window Decals

Window decal is a sticker with a design on it which can be installed into the window which will be just like a printed paper, but that sticks and advertises whatever you want.


They are semi-permanent in nature and can be changed whenever required. They come in two options by which they can be installed on the inside or the outside of the building. It also has the possibility of clear window vinyl which enables view from both sides of the window. The other option is opaque which is slightly see through.


However, once the adhesive kicks in, it is tough to adjust. If the see-through vinyl window sticker is used, it ‘s hard to see from a far away distance by the people on the outside. If you use opaque, it blocks the natural light and view as well. Not as weather resistant as the option (below).
Perforated vinyl window film

Perforated Window Signs

Perforated Window Signs

Perforated vinyl window film  AKA perforated window decals forms the vinyl window sticker that allows one-way visibility either from inside or outside but not both once they are installed, making them ideal window signage. Perforated window signs can be custom designed according to your need, and the color combination can even help you in maintaining the amount of vision you want to perforate. Our custom perforated window decals are among our most popular items among customers since they are affordable and are perfect for outside, front facing businesses.

These see through window signs / stickers should be applied in the side of the window in which it is meant to be seen. If you want people outside to see the graphic, then put the sticker on the outside. Likewise, if you want people on the inside to see it, then put it on the inside.


The major advantage is that the bypasser or potential customer will see the advertisement but won’t be able to peep into your office or business area. It can also be seen quickly from far off distances without any trouble. Lite film decals are also a unique offering since they “light up” by glowing in the evening. This vinyl window film also lasts a long time and is weather resistant.


Since the perforated vinyl window film is a specially processed sheet of paper, it costs more than a simple window decal. The other fault of using this so you can see from inside is that it blocks the natural light considerably coming from outside.

Final word

Both sets of window vinyl are good for a cause which means that the selection depends upon your requirement and budget. If you can afford a good amount on advertising while requiring seeing outside, you can use the perforated vinyl. However, if your window doesn’t need a view, you can use the simple window decal. The ultimate choice depends upon your requirement.


8 comments on “Window Decals vs. Perforated Window Film And What You Should Know”

  1. I like what this article mentions about the pros of window decals while they are often less visible from far away. I think custom decals would be very beneficial to help spread a brand or company name, especially if used on a building or truck. It’s something to remember because both could be useful in different situations and getting professional advice could be the best way to determine what’s best for you.

  2. Marc A Dipaola says:

    I just had perforated vinyl graphics installed on the rear window of my truck. You can’t even tell that it’s on there which is GREAT! And then it rained! Cannot see anything out of the rear window. Water fills in the perforations. Not safe at all. And nothing was mentioned about this when I was purchasing it or when got my truck back after installation.

    1. J Moore says:

      Automotive window perf should always be laminated with optically clear laminate. That way rain and dirt will not accumulate in the holes and obscure visibility. The company that you used to do this should have known this and certainly should have offered it. It adds cost but as you can see, the result is dangerous.

  3. Luke Smith says:

    My sister decided to have a rent-to-own unit and asked for my opinion as to what kind of window will she choose. Good thing that I found this blog that explains the merits and demerits of installing window decals and perforated window film which can be both used by homeowners and business owners. I will suggest my sister get a perforated screen because of its perks like customization and affordability and to help her save time from canvassing.

  4. Maxine says:

    Can it be used as a wall decal

    1. Foam Core Print says:

      They sure can! Here’s a link to the product that you’ll need > for removable wall vinyl use >

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