Why Choose Roll up Banner Stands over an X-stand banner?

Banner Stands

What are banner stands and why should I choose to display them on my next tradeshow or exhibit? Banner stands are portable, attractive and easy to display. They are the perfect solution that can be customized to meet the needs and demands of the customer. To display your banner correctly, it usually needs a stand to hold it in place and ensure it is visible to the audience. Solid stands come in many styles for outdoor and indoor use. Outdoor banners are attention grabbers for customers who pass by your store or business, and indoor banner stands are noticeable amongst big crowds. Stands also vary in shape and size.

Roll up banner stands are very easy to set up and transport which makes them a better option when it comes to banners. If you are in the business industry and your position requires you to travel on a regular basis, you are in need of a stand that you can carry with you without much hassle. Roll up banner stands are simple to unfold and display with ease. If you are looking to attract a larger crowd, you can have your banner printed on both sides. Roll up banners are an all in one compact banner that can be displayed in any place without having to hang them and are an excellent choice for exhibits, retail displays, and tradeshows. What X-stand banners used for? X-stand banners are usually used for indoor display and are one of the most affordable and lightweight banners. They are also an ideal choice for outdoor display because they are easy to carry which makes them an excellent choice for on display. What are some of the X-stand banners features? One of its distinctive features is the fiberglass aluminum that gives it the durability and the lightweight that it holds. X-stand banners are the solution for a tradeshow, conferences, and advertising displays because they are simple to install and make an exhibition of.

So, now that you know what a roll up banner and an X-stand banner are, which one would you choose? Let’s compare. Roll up banners are more expensive than an X-stand banner, but they give a higher quality look, and they are more robust and durable. Roll up banners will attract a larger crowd due to its large banner size. X-banner stands are more affordable and convenient for on display. This type of banner offers less flexibility due to its smaller size. Are you looking for short-term or long-term banner display? If you are looking for a long-term display banner, the roll up banner would be a better choice because of its high-quality finish, and it's a larger size you can be sure it will bring your business more customers. If you are looking for a temporary promotional display, X-stand banner, are a more affordable and better solution. As you can see, roll up banner stands are the best choice for many reasons such as durability, easy to travel with, last longer, hold a better-quality finish, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

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    Roll-up Banners look very classy while doing promotions, thanks for posting this blog post.

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    • Nicole

      Yeah, Roll-up Banners are the best, as compared to X-stand up Banners. Thanks for posting it.

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