What's The Best Signage To Decorate Your Home?

What's The Best Signage To Decorate Your Home?

Are you looking to refresh your home walls with beautiful prints but are worried about the cost? Well, don’t you worry, you can decorate your home with striking wall prints at a very affordable price. That’s right there is no need to spend a fortune to enliven and revitalize your walls with styrene prints and Gatorboard printing you can decorate your home and make it look fantastic at a reasonable price. Styrene printing and Gatorboard printing are an excellent choice for wall mounting due to its beautiful and striking appearance, its lightweight material and it's low-cost, what more could you ask for? For those of you who don’t know what styrene and gatorboard is, here is some general info on these two fantastic materials.

Styrene Printing

Styrene Photo Printing Styrene Photo Printing

So, what is styrene? And what is styrene printing used for? Styrene offers comfort, protection, strength, durability, and flexibility and is used as polystyrene foam for storing and packaging materials, for helmets and bicycle seats, as insulated panel systems for buildings, roofs, and walls. Styrene prints are also popular in the marketing industry and used by most businesses to advertise their brand and product services. But as we learn more about styrene and its use, we have found that styrene printing looks stunning mounted on walls. Styrene prints hold a smooth surface that gives prints a stunning and professional appearance when mounted on your walls. But that’s not all; styrene prints are distinctive quality mounts that hold a durable, smooth black or white surface and that make great décor for your home or office. Styrene printing is done on a solid plastic material that cannot easily bend, scratch or damage.

Gatorboard Printing

Gatorboard Prints Gatorboard Prints

Now, let me introduce you to Gatorboard printing. So, what is Gatorboard and how will it look mounted on my walls? Gatorboard holds a solid inner center made of foam and the exterior of wood-fiber veneer which gives your prints and attractive look and is also used as polystyrene foam and is warp-resistant like styrene prints. Gatorboard printing, unlike most other foam core materials, has much more endurance to pressure that makes it stronger and resistant to folding, scratching, rupturing, or bending. This material is also an ideal choice for the marketing industry and just like styrene prints, Gatorboardprinting is also used by many to advertise their business and brand, but this material is a bit costlier than others. So why use styrene prints and Gatorboard printing for your home décor? Here’s why. Both Styrene and Gatorboard printing will not easily warp, bend, or damage and are easy to mount on your walls thanks to its lightweight material, and what is even better once you decide to change your prints, your walls won't damage when you remove these prints. You can also use styrene and Gatorboard to mount and display maternity and wedding photographs, show your awards and school honors, showcase your artwork. All in all, both Gatorboard printing and styrene printing are perfect for wall mounting and make beautiful print frames for decor


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