What Substrate Is Best For Your Dream Photography Collage?

What Substrate Is Best For Your Dream Photography Collage?

Can’t decide what substrate is the best option for your photo collage? Have you heard of Foam board printing? Gatorboard? Or print on canvas? These are just some ideas that will create an excellent display for your next collage. Designing a dream collage is bringing a vision to life, a visible creation that represents your future goals, dreams, and aspirations in life or be a representation of all those special moments or special events that you want to share with others. Like the last time, you and your family went on a trip or the day of your anniversary, your wedding day, or your son or daughter's first birthday celebration. When putting together a collage you can create a combination of borders, text, and photographs from special events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and much more. When you include print on your collage you can choose from a metallic, glossy, or matte paper that will fit perfectly into a square or rectangular photo and they can also be mounted on Gatorboard, styrene, or Foamboard for a more attractive look.

Foam Board Printing

Prints On Foam Board Prints On Foam Board

So why use Foam board printing for your collage? Foamboard is a great and versatile material that will give your project a unique and professional appearance. Foam board printing is an ideal material for designing your collage for many reasons like durability, water, and UV resistant and is a very lightweight material. FoamCorePrints' Foam board prints offer fully custom options for sizing special finishing like ( drill holes, grommets) full-color print is also included. Foam board can be used for many purposes such as presentations, home, and business and to advertise and promote. You can create tables and charts for meetings and conferences and post pictures on a collage or board.

Print On Canvas

Canvas Printing Canvas Printing

So, what is print on canvas and how will this make my collage more attractive? Prints on canvas can be designed with a variety of colors, fonts, sizes, and graphics to create the best photo collage ever! Canvas Printing will give your wall a great new look. Photo portraits can be created in premium high-quality print canvas that won’t easily fade or scratch and usually hold an acrylic coating for better protection. Print on canvas creates beautiful memories with family photos, to capture those special moments such as your wedding day, or your most memorable excursion that captures those special and happy moments.


8x8%22 Tile Prints_1 Gatorboard Prints

Mounting your collage on Gatorboard creates a modern and sophisticated look and viewers can value your photographic creation. Gatorboard printing is also an affordable way to mount your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations with printed photo displays. Gatorboard is ideal for providing protection to your wall collage by adding a dense core and rigid surface to make it resistant to damage and does not require a frame. Your collage will give off a vibrant and eye-catching print when using Gatorboard. So, whether you opt for Gatorboard, Foamboard, or canvas printing, your collage will feature high quality and attractive printed color and high-quality graphics that will display bits and pieces of your most treasured moments that people can enjoy. The design the greatest collage ever with the help of Foam Core Print and their overnight printing service for faster delivery.


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