What Materials Can Add Depth To Any Piece of Artwork?

What Materials Can Add Depth To Any Important Piece Of Artwork?

To add more depth and make your artwork more attractive, you have many options. Which would you recommend? Foam board, Gatorboard, and printing canvas seem to be the best choices if you want your artwork to stand out. If you want your artwork to be displayed correctly and show its real beauty. Choosing the backing to mount your artwork is important, and when doing so, you should consider the quality and firmness. So how do I choose? And what should I look for? The material you choose for your backing should be able to keep your image parallel to the wall. You should also be aware that temperature can be a risk to mounted material and can cause your artwork to warp over time. Thicker is always better. The most popular materials to mounting artwork include Foamboard and Gatorboard. Foamboard is composed of polystyrene foam that is laminated on both sides by paper stock and is rigid; Gatorboard holds extruded polystyrene foam encased with melamine and wood veneer and id very rigid.

Foam Board Prints

Foamcore Board Foamcore Board

What makes Foamboard a popular choice for mounting? Foamboard printing is ideal for mounting your artwork that will add depth and ensure your designs and graphics look spectacular. With Foam board, you have the option of choosing the color of your border or not including a border at all. Foam board printing provides three different layers of finishes. There is the natural finish or a matte or glossy finish. Choosing a laminated coating finish will ensure your artwork is protected from scratching, dust, and fingerprints.

Gatorboard Printing

Gator Board Printing Gator Board Printing

With Gatorboard, your artwork will be more attractive when you mount it on your walls. Even though Gatorboard is a bit more of an expensive type of material, it is well worth it to give your artwork the depth and quality look that it deserves. It is also one of the most stronger materials and at the same time the most lightweight. Using Gator for your artwork will make it more resistant to bending, denting, and warping and is also an excellent choice for mounting customized artwork.

Canvas Printing

Canvas Printing Canvas Printing

Print on canvas is a great alternative for your artwork because it offers a unique and stylish view and is also an option for framing with glass and mats. Print on canvas also offers different options for your edges that include white, colored, and black which help create an impression that there’s a frame around your print. Mirrored sides are yet another option that provides a dimension to your print. Canvas prints give your space that classic art gallery feels. Canvas printing will help dress up any room giving it a focal point or multiple focal points when more than one canvas is presented. The texture of the canvas will soften up space with a subtle glossy or matte finish giving off an appealing sheen and warming and inviting ambiance. Canvas prints seldom compete with a room and most certainly will enhance it. They can be casually hung without a frame or choosing the more formal method of framing. If are still uncertain as to what material you should include in your artwork, you can go online to Foamcoreprint.com. We are an online printing company with much experience and are committed to helping you, the customer with all your printing needs, and have recently added an overnight printing service to meet your demands.


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