What Is the Best Outdoor Marketing for Your Project

What Is the Best Outdoor Marketing for Your Project?

Businesses take aren't familiar with free marketing may fall into the mistake of thinking that this ageless methodology is way too straightforward and simple to report positive results in this modern world of us. The truth is that free marketing is one of the most sophisticated and versatile types of marketing that we have at hand, even today. Countless elements and resources can be found in it, putting a plethora of opportunities on the table: teardrop flags, Sintra signs, feather banners, and much more. This same plethora may represent a challenge when the time of making a decision finally comes. Outdoor marketing demands our attention to identifying what is best for us. In the following lines, we will address many of the solid points about free marketing, the advertising elements, and how FoamCorePrint can represent an invaluable ally for your upcoming project.

Feather Banner

Making a Bold Statement

As a thriving business, there is a good chance of your project being an initiative to boost your brand and expand the reach of your product to more and more customers. Because of this, a bold statement needs to be made. For example, both feather banners and teardrop banners are widely used to be more impactful and affect a large public. The size and appearance of these formats are highly benefiting for extrovert campaigns with the goal of maximum exposure. These banners also feature an extraordinary quality and can resist high punishment from nature, even including UV-resistant inks. At FoamCorePrint, we offer these banners with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, produced in-house, and with fast delivery. Printed Elements to Consider As we mentioned before, free marketing is filled with abundant alternatives we can use to boost our advertising efforts. Some of the many we are continuously producing at FoamCorePrint are Sintra signs, Dibond signs, flag banners, vinyl banners, and the two we talked before, teardrop banners and feather banners. When it comes to vinyl banners produced with 13oz vinyl scrim, for example, we can say that they are durable and when properly grommeted, can stay fastened to a stationary object without tearing.

Pole Banner

The Next Level of Outdoor Advertising

At FoamCorePrint, we also like to work with an 18oz vinyl scrim for extraordinary, high-scale projects. We don't show it on our website because it responds to specialized needs when extreme durability is required. Nevertheless, we have many clients that choose these vinyl banners to produce excellent outdoor marketing campaigns that are more ambitious than the ones that we are used to. The 18oz vinyl scrim is frequently used on high-rise buildings and can withstand extreme weather conditions for an extended period. It's also used for double-sided pole banners, maximizing its potential in high areas. At FoamCorePrint, we also like to remember our clients that vinyl banners are especially useful because they use a block-out material that doesn't let direct light to create shine and reflections, which is a common problem for careless outdoor marketing projects. Please, if you have any doubts about free marketing, Sintra printing, the different banners we offer, or anything in between, just contact us. We'll be more than happy to help.


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