What Is Styrene Printing?

What Is Styrene Printing?

styrene printsOver the last decade, trade shows and marketing signs have grown from dull to extravagant and eye catching, with the evolutions in digital printing and design. Styrene printing is an excellent example of that evolution and proof that great Trade Shows, menu displays, and in person advertising can incorporate more than one look. Indeed, clients no longer feel resigned to one selection, but create a customized blend of signage to fit each part of their marketing campaign or project. At Foam Core Print we are skilled at making polished, beautiful designs to your specifications. As a leader in our field, we build a relationship with your vision and find a way to create exactly what you want and more. Styrene printing is a great place to start as it is a popular, affordable, and reliable option.

Styrene signs are created out of a flat plastic. Sometimes called poster board signs, their plastic construction and assembly is resistant to weather, bumps, drops, and scratches. They are often compared to Sintra pvc board here is an article we wrote a while back about their similarities and diffrances “Styrene Printing VS Sintra Board”.

As with modern day expanded printing options, Styrene signs come in standard shapes (rectangles and squares) or can be custom cut into a variety of shapes. While it presents as reliably flat the Styrene material is flexible enough to be rolled up, tubed, and transported, which is helpful for traveling trade shows or businesses.

styrene printingVersatile Styrene keeps your prints flat and even and can come in various weights and thickness. Ideal for framing or mounting and finishing, the signs are are also placed into box style containers to present a 360 degree view for exposure, or in more traditional menu style signs, frames, purchase signage or displays. Printing can include one or dual sides.

Ready to begin? Click on the options you want or ask Foam Core Print to help you with your vision! We can print anything and ship it overnight!


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  1. Sunny Marie Zanganeh says:

    Hello and good morning. I have created abstract art that I enhance from my computer so the finished product is something I need to upload to print out. It looks like an abstract painting so the material I want it printed out on needs to look like a painting and not just a big glossy picture you would get from Costco. I think from what I read about Styrene printing that would work? What I plan on doing is after I have it printed out Im just going to put Mat around it and frame it. Could you let me know if Im on the right track. Thanks so much! 🙂

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