What is Backlit Film P and What is it Made of?

What is Backlit Film and What is it Made of?

When displaying a graphic of any kind, whether it is textual or picture-based, companies or individuals strive for the best representation of their signage or display. A simple poster may not be the best choice for every scenario and every advertisement on display.

Backlit film is a material upon which graphics or text can be imprinted so that when light shines through from behind, the design lights up. This is an incredible choice for windows or backlit light boxes. It can adhere to acrylic surfaces as well as glass and other surfaces easily. Customers can make the choice for themselves which side of the decal is adhesive, meaning that they can adhere it to the outside face of a lightbox or the inside face of a window. This can be helpful in limiting wear and tear from outside surfaces. 

Many customers assume that the process is expensive and tedious for converting a design into signage that is able to function on windows or light boxes and that allows it to be seen at night as well as during the day. What they don’t know is that backlit film can be an incredibly cost-effective strategy for advertisement and an aesthetically pleasing design element for decorative signage.

Cheap backlit film can also be high quality when it is made properly. The materials to create this type of signage are relatively inexpensive, the construction is uncomplicated, and it is not time-consuming. Our professionals here at Foam Core Print are able to save clients money while delivering a quality, satisfactory product.

Who Uses Backlit Film?

Backlit film’s many functionalities and qualities make it a wonderful choice for a number of different purposes for use by a wide range of clientele both professional and personal. Many customers utilize the unique properties of this type of signage for their diverse advertising campaigns, or for individual citizens to demonstrate their support for a candidate or political campaign. 

One of the things we promise when we sell any product is long-term durability. Our signage does not easily bend, break, or wear out. This is especially true of backlit film signage. Due to its adhesive qualities, it is able to avoid the simple issues of bending or breakage. On the other hand, the adhesive we use allows for this sign to remain in place semi-permanently, with easy, painless removal if need be.

This durability that we ensure in our backlit film makes it appealing to both long-term projects as well as short-term projects with heavy exposure to the elements of nature, or daily passersby. Shop owners or businesses with a lightbox display utilize our backlit film to display their messages more prominently during both day and night.

Individuals wishing to display political signage have flocked to our backlit film political signage. We are always sure to carry them in large quantities so that clients aren’t left waiting around for the product they need. At Foam Core Print, we are able to fill a wide variety of orders for a wide variety of clients with differing needs.

Restaurants utilize our product to display menu options outside or inside the building, bus stops display map features on a backlit film placed on a light source, and even museums find use in the properties of backlit signage. Many exhibits display textual explanations of the artist or historical context, and in our constantly developing modern world, they often turn to backlit signage in order to clearly express the information.

For clients with acrylic or glass surfaces in the home or office that are able to be lit from behind at night, or clearly displayed during the day, we highly recommend exploring the options offered by backlit film. Window clings have been popular for ages due to their functionality as a reflective surface during the day and a backlit sign at night. This is exactly the reason our signage has been highly requested for clients hoping for more coverage for their signage. As a cost-effective signage choice that is visible regardless of outdoor lighting, many enjoy its easy application and affordable pricing.

What Is It Made of?

The way in which backlit film is constructed is not an entirely complicated process, but the innovation of this product has revolutionized both indoor and outdoor signage over the years. Its semi-translucency is an incredibly unique quality that allows for the materials to catch and distribute any light that appears behind the film, no matter how faint or distant.

The film printed at Foam Core Print allows for designs to be printed in high resolution so that textual or more picture-driven designs are able to appear crisp and clear to all possible viewers regardless of distance. The vibrancy of colors is also a detail to note when choosing from backlit signage options.

Ink is an important factor to consider, and a factor that we take very seriously at FoamCorePrint. Our backlit film materials all come from the best sources in the industry, regardless of price. We then offer these synthesized materials to our clientele in the form of cheap backlit film options that are high quality. We don’t believe in cutting corners or compromising on quality. We take careful notice of market trends and innovations in signage manufacturing techniques in order to continue providing for our devoted clientele the best products on the market.

Backlit signage stands up well to UV exposure, water, weather damage, scratches, and a number of other possible maladies that may befall outdoor or indoor signage.

Where Can You Buy It?

FoamCorePrint offers a number of affordable options for backlit film signage that clients enjoy. We use quality backlit film material as well as quality of synthesis and construction at the top of our list of priorities, and we work to make these products as affordable as possible so that clients aren’t forced to sacrifice quality for affordability.

Many clients enjoy the variety and customizability of our products, but our most popular choices include political signage on backlit film for windows or other backlit glass or acrylic surfaces. Our experienced staff are always available to assist clients in finding the best signage for their individual needs, whether that be backlit film or any of our other selection of signage materials.

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