What Are the Most Popular Uses for Styrene and PVC?

What Are the Most Popular Uses for Styrene and PVC?

Knowing the materials, we have at hand is paramount to make the right decisions when planning our marketing and advertising strategies. On this occasion, we are going to dedicate a few lines to both styrene and PVC, which are two widely used materials in the printing industry. At FoamCorePrint, we are in love with these two materials because of all the versatility and quality they provide, achieving satisfaction for many different profiles. But, of course, essential differences take place, and knowing them is still necessary.

Most Popular Uses for Styrene

Styrene printing becomes more popular every day. With many customers placing orders every week at FoamCorePrint, we notice how this material is on the rise. It's usual to see styrene printing in malls, sports arenas, and directional signs. Parking garages are also commonplace to see them, especially attached to A-frame signs. Notably, Styrene is widely used as an alternative for portrait pictures indoors, because it provides an outstanding printing quality in comparison with other, more expensive materials. In fact, we can see how many projects use styrene printing by placing the material in a frame and have the same look as other materials that can be perfectly considered as luxurious and top-quality, even when printing with the same resolution.

Styrene Printing
Styrene Printing

Most Popular Uses for PVC

On the other hand, printing on PVC has always been a relatively popular option in the world of advertising and general signaling. Used for outdoor purposes, Sintra PVC and related materials are highly resistant and can maintain excellent quality even in the toughest weather conditions. At FoamCorePrint, we help many realtors with their personal branding by printing on PVC their advertising. This is a technique that just doesn't lose its effectiveness. Nevertheless, Sintra signs are not exclusive for these outstanding outdoor purposes. In fact, printing on PVC Sintra board is extremely popular among restaurants and fast food businesses. The quality this material provides is entirely appropriate for indoors as well, because it looks attractive and guarantees unbeatable durability to the client. Day after day, PVC is being found in more advertising applications. We at FoamCorePrint believe in the potential this material has in many different levels of advertising, both indoors and outdoors, also offering a great cost-value ratio.

Sintra PVC Board
Sintra Prints

The Bottom Line

In simple words, styrene printing aims to cheap, high-quality advertising at individual scales, proving a unique, smooth texture that is hard to find in other materials. At the same time, experts can take styrene and give it special shapes, almost at will. On the other hand, Sintra PVC is more similar to the traditional hardened foam and can be more resistant to harsh weather conditions, making it especially useful for outdoor purposes. At FoamCorePrint, we can give you the support you need and help with all the little technical details that are making things harder for your project to kickstart. Just contact us. We'll be ready to give you a hand.

A Frame Signs
A-Frame SIgns

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