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What Are Real Estate Signs Made Of

When attempting to put a house up on the market, visibility is a key factor. Future homeowners of the property look for signs that appear professional and trustworthy, and that display information clearly and concisely. They want a real estate company and a home that they can trust in order to begin the long and expensive process of purchasing a house. It is also important that information listed on signs is visible and legible.

Crisp, clear printing as well as color vibrancy, long-term durability, and affordability, are all factors to consider when choosing a printing company for real estate signage. Real estate signs are more than just a source for information like phone numbers and addresses. They are also a representation of the house itself, as well as the agent responsible for selling the property. 

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A rundown sign that shows wear and tear gives the impression of poor upkeep to possible buyers, which is why it is important when displaying designs to choose a material that can withstand a number of environmental factors including weather damage, UV exposure, water damage, scratches, and a wide variety of other possible issues that arise when advertising through the use of outdoor real estate signage.

Our manufacturing team at FoamCorePrint prioritize clarity, quality, and affordability in providing real estate signs for a wide range of clientele in a wide range of areas.

Materials and Construction

Typical yard signs, including signs for selling a house, are constructed of materials that are both durable and sturdy, to avoid bending and breakage from wind or other external forces and are of the same type of sign as political signs. Sintra board is a favorite among clientele for clear, high-quality signage that also promises long-term durability. Corrugated plastic is also able to withstand outdoor conditions well in order to appear brand new even after weeks of usage.

Sintra board is a better choice for indoors signage, while corrugated plastic is better for the outdoors in products like yard signs. Sintra is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) board with a matte finish, making its designs appear professional and well printed. This makes it a perfect choice for professional signage like signs for buying a house. This material is lightweight as well as moisture resistant and stands well on its own without bending or flopping around.

Corrugated plastic, on the other hand, is a poster created by two flat plastic sheets with plastic beams connecting them in the center. This innovative poster manufacturing technique allows the poster to withstand more wear and tear, especially from water or wind damage. It can be utilized both indoors and outdoors for clean-looking signage that is both waterproof and stain-resistant.

Weather damage, a major concern for outdoor signage, is not a concern when it comes to corrugated plastic. It is a lightweight, sturdy board perfect for externally located professional real estate signage.

Location Considerations

While Sintra board and corrugated plastic are the primary materials utilized to create a wide range of impressive signage, some locations are simply too hot, so other materials must be used. Since these boards are often utilized outdoors as a selling tool, it is important that weather considerations are taken into account. At Foam Core Print, we understand that each client is unique and that some areas require different signs than others in order for the signs to best serve their functionality and purpose.

That is why we also offer Dibond signage for areas like Palm Springs, Arizona in order to compensate for the considerably hotter temperatures in the area. Dibond is an aluminum composite material (ACM) that utilizes two aluminum sheets and a polyethylene center to create a poster board. It is a great choice for real estate agents in areas with higher outdoor temperatures who still wish to display external signage.

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  • Sintra board is able to use the newest innovations in sign manufacturing techniques to offer a lightweight alternative to large, cumbersome signage. It is able to maintain a beautiful sturdiness that allows for durability and visibility without flopping around, or without becoming heavy or difficult to move. This makes it a good choice for real estate signs as well as a number of other professional or personal signage needs.
  • Corrugated plastic is one of the best new innovations on the market when it comes to real estate signs, or signage or any kind. Its simple construction allows for maximum affordability in terms of posters, and its construction allows for durability and stability. These boards are rigid and sturdy, such that designs printed onto these boards are sure to not crack or ripple as they do on bendable boards.
  • On the other hand, the surface material they are made of is also glossy and can therefore well withstand weather damage from water and wind, and even possible scratches and stains commonly found on signs outside homes with outdoor pets.
  • Corrugated plastic is also environmentally friendly. These signs can be easily recycled without damaging the environment or contributing to landfills. Clients find this especially appealing as these signs are often used as signs for selling a house, which means they won’t be kept forever.
  • Dibond is a great option for areas with hotter temperatures, as opposed to corrugated plastic or Sintra board. It is a great choice for external display.


  • The rigidity of Sintra board can make it an excellent choice, but as an outdoor sign, it can be prone to bending or breakage, making it a less durable investment than corrugated plastic for outdoor real estate signage. Corrugated plastic is a durable, recyclable alternative to Sintra board for outdoor signage.
  • Both Sintra board and corrugated plastic are wonderful options for real estate signs, but they don’t stand up well to extreme heat, which is a major downside for areas with higher temperatures that persist for much of the year. For this reason, Dibond is a better option for external use in hotter areas of the country.

Where Can You Buy It?

Properly marketing a real estate property is incredibly important in attempting to sell the property quickly and efficiently. Our management team at FoamCorePrint, for this reason, offers affordable, high-quality real estate signs. We understand that compromising shouldn’t have to be an option, which is why variety is a huge priority when it comes to material type.

We offer corrugated plastic as well as Sintra board and Dibond so that clients from a wide range of areas with a wide range of property needs and budget ranges can all receive the signage options that are right for them and their situation. There is not any single board type is the correct option for every single client or situation, but our extensive selection is able to cater to all signage needs.

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