What Are Magnetic Car Signs Best For?

Magnetic Sign Explained

Chances are you have spent as much or more time driving during the last week as you have consciously looked at television commercials. Through television, print, and radio, advertising has its place; the new way to advertise is immediate, affordable, and involves your car or a company car. This is an excellent option for local or internet companies that want an eye-catching sign to do the work of drawing in new customers.


car magnetMagnetic car signs can say it all, literally. The magnetic design is created to advertise whatever you want customers to know. Magnetic signs are often used by home-based or commercial businesses or a consultant offering a service or trade. The signs commonly state the business name, logo, mission statement or trade, a phone number, and website or contact information all in one! Being eye-catching is essential and easy to write (these are found on cars, remember) local or toll-free number helps. Magnetic car signs are a way to advertise whether you’re driving, parked. Larger businesses often use magnetic signs on a fleet of company cars!


magnetic car signCar magnets will resist wind and the elements without fading or losing their professional look. Many choose them to avoid signing permanently damaging their vehicle. Magnetic car signs are not purchased as a one-size-fits-all shape or design. Customers select their print according to the size and shape they need for their car, truck, or van.


Rounded corners appeal to a professional look. Most often, businesses and sign purchasers leave the sign on their vehicle 24/7. However, should removal be necessary, the great thing about magnetic signs is their easy removal compared to a permanently altered or painted vehicle.


Your image or graphic will be uploaded, created to a magnetic car sign, and can be printed and shipped within 24 hours! Need help? Contact us and let us discover the best sign, design, and choices for you today!

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