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Weather Resistant Outdoor Signage and What's Best For You

In choosing the ideal outdoor signage, there are a few materials that are fit for the job. Among the most popular is aluminum for aluminum signs, Dibond signs, and PVC for PVC signs. The reason why these materials are among the most popular is that of their ability to withstand any weather. But there are more reasons and more factors that will determine which type of signage is best for you. Find out more in this post:

Aluminum signs

Printing on aluminum has been one of the most popular, and this is because of the natural quality of aluminum to be used in signage and prints. Let's get to know more about aluminum signs to find out if this is the type of outdoor signage for you and your business.

  • Aluminum is lightweight yet durable – you can count on aluminum signs to be very light, and despite this, it is still durable. You can carry aluminum signs anywhere and therefore ideal for trade shows and signs that need to be moved around.
  • Aluminum is pliable and easy to print on – you can easily manipulate aluminum to fit any kind and size of signage, logo, space and more. It is also easy to print on aluminum. Because of large-format printers, it has become simpler and more efficient to print on any surface even on aluminum.
  • Aluminum can combine with other materials to create a more durable substrate – Dibond signs are plastic on the inside and aluminum on either side, so it's strong, resilient and still lightweight. Dibond is, therefore, ideal for indoor and outdoor use for any application.
  • Aluminum is beautiful –there is no doubt that aluminum is excellent and this makes it the perfect signage material for eye-catching signs and prints indoors and outdoors.
  • Aluminum is perfect for indoor and outdoor use – because aluminum is durable and water resistant, it can be used for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Aluminum won't scratch or break – aluminum is known to be scratch-proof and will never break to some extent. You can, therefore, use it for mobile signage, trade show signage and more.
  • Aluminum is affordable – and despite all these impressive advantages, aluminum signage remains to be very affordable. You can rely on aluminum for budget-friendly signs for any business.

PVC signs

PVC signs are made from PVC plastic and could come in black or white PVC substrates. PVC signs are known to be very durable and thus used mostly for general outdoor signage applications such as for shop signs, restaurant menus, yard signs, realtor signs, bus signs and more. You can find more printing companies that are capable of printing on PVCs than any other substrates, and of course, PVC has a lot of qualities that make it the best choice for your business

  • PVC is heavier than aluminum but more durable – PVC is more durable than any other substrates but could be a lot heavier. It is not ideal for moving signs and trade show signs.
  • PVC can be cut into smaller or irregular shapes if needed – if you need a smaller sign or signage according to a logo or an image, you can cut a piece of PVC to suit your needs.
  • PVC is all-weather and thus more preferred for outdoor use – PVCs will never lose its color, luster, and quality despite being out in the rain, sun, snow or winds.
  • PVC is affordable- PVC is among the most affordable. You can find PVC sheets in different thickness, size, and color making it easier to choose the ideal one for your needs.

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