Wanna Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show? Here’s How!

Wanna Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show? Here’s How!

Do you have a trade show coming and you want to be on top of all your competitors? There is a new and more attractive way to attract more customers and visitors to your booth or tent, and of course, we have all these for you in stock.

Feather Flag Banners

Feather Flags Feather Flags

Feather flag banners are outdoor ads that will announce your business or any message that you want to send across. Flag banners feature printable back and front sides to guarantee more exposure; a durable frame made of hard plastic or metal is placed inside the banner to hold it in place. Our feather flag banners can be used for all types of ads and can be utilized again and again. The material we use is very durable, easy to clean, and will last for a long time.

Teardrop Flags

Just like feather banners, teardrop flag banners are printable on both sides and therefore guarantee maximum exposure for your ad. Just like the name, the ad shapes like a tear with a single hard yet flexible plastic pole that can hold the ad in place. We can print ads of any color, your company logo, or a simple, eye-catching word or phrase to attract customers. This type of ad may be used indoors as well as outdoors and will never wear out; it can, therefore, be used repeatedly.

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Do you want your kiosk, stand, or section to “pop up?” there is a cool way to do it, and that is with pop up trade shop displays. We have some ways to do this, and we only use quality materials to create pop-up displays. Pop up displays are modern, efficient, and very convenient especially if you have very limited space at a trade show or exhibit. Pop up displays are easy to use; you don’t need to “learn” how to set these up since it can be done in a snap. Displays are also portable and lightweight so you can carry these anywhere and set up in your next trade show event. We can create pop-up displays that will work with any space and in any size. Prints are clear and with the most stunning effects. Everything is traded show-ready and can be used in any industry.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banners Retractable Banners

Capture your audience’s attention with a roll-up banner. This type of ad comes complete with frames, poles. A retractable banner stand can be set up and taken down in minutes! This kind of affordable advertising is ideal if you want to provide lengthy information about a product or several products. You can have it in any length and in any size you want. If you are looking for an efficient manner to get more customers or just to attract more attention at your upcoming trade show or exhibit then using these new techniques will make you a standout! Do you have more questions about any of this type of signage for trade shows? Do not hesitate to ask us now! Start a live chat with a rep at Foamcoreprint.com


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