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Materials That Create Vivid Photographic Prints

Nobody covers the variety of Foam Boards from interior decoration to displays these boards the inspirational edge on shade expositions that attract attention and are eye-catching. They are also usually used in projects advertising and exhibitions and are a perfect fit for both personal and business use. There are many advantages in using photographic print such as providing high-quality prints and services which are usually not offered at wholesale stores. Also, Foam board is very lightweight and is stuck between white paper which makes them insubstantial and needs proper care. It's a great way to begin and increase the chances of being noticed by making sure you have the right size of an outdoor sign which has been designed by a professional like Foam Core Print to advertise your logo, business name, or service that you are providing.

Digital Printing

gallery wall wrap
Canvas Wrap Prints

When digital printing became available to the marketplace it was the trend for many, especially for business owners since digital distribution had many advantages. Such as having the capacity to generate a significant amount of production in a minimal time frame for a lower price which meant more profits and expansion to their business. Besides the low-cost and higher production level, there are many more benefits that printing includes such as the variety, materials, and captivating style they create. Canvas printing is no longer just printing photos for holidays or family pictures, and it has also expanded to include the marketing industry as well. Canvas printing has also become attention-grabbing, and affordable print that has proven to can increase and improve your business as well as your brand interest. Companies enjoy the quality and product exposure as well as a substitute for vinyl and posters canvas printing provides. One of the many qualities of canvas printing is the ability to create an appearance of length, breadth, and depth with a mounted look. One of its greatest traits is its everlasting feel and the durability it offers for the most low-cost price.

Printing For Business

What potential customers first notice when they come into your business are your walls and surroundings – canvas prints are a great way to create an inviting atmosphere. By hanging canvas prints of your team engaging and displaying prints of the community around your business will make you and your business more open and welcomed by the community.

Visual Impression Prints

Canvas prints present a visual impact at conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and global seminars. By providing an optical print of your business logo or catchphrase you can increase your brand and become more noticeable amongst other companies. By creating impressive prints of your services or products will give customers a sense of what your business brings about and inspire trust in the community.

Distinguished Appearance

Canvas printing offers flexibility and endurance with many finishes. This gives you the ability to show off your prints in indoors and outdoors. Printing has traveled a long road and today businesses are boundless.

Styrene Printing

One of the most commonly used types of signs is H.I.P.S. (High Impact Polystyrene) for its low-cost and durable form of styrene printing which is the same material that goes into making Styrofoam. It provides a print-friendly surface making it appropriate for many usages where high endurance and reliability are not needed. Also, it is extremely receptive to sunlight and heat causing a yellowish effect if left outdoors for a long time. At Foam Core Print we are aware of your needs and provide many options and styles that you can choose from. Foam Core is here to help you create the best outdoor sign that will attract and interest new and potential clients.


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