Vinyl Prints and Canvas Prints Similarities and Differences

Are you tired of looking at empty white walls in your home or office and would like to mount some of your family photos or some realistic art paintings and can't decide what type of print would be best? Are you familiar with Vinyl Prints and Canvas prints? Well, if you aren't quite sure what the difference and the similarities between vinyl and canvas are, then read on.

Custom Vinyl Printing

So, what is vinyl printing, and what is a custom vinyl decal? And what are they used for? Vinyl printing is used to design and create banners, directional prints, trespassing prints, interior and exterior prints, sales sign prints, business cards, and wall-mounted prints. Vinyl decals are famous for their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, fade-resistant, and long-term prints. Vinyl decals are also prints that are full and vivid color graphics that are very attractive for wall mounting and as promotional displays. But the latest trend in many businesses and homes is a custom vinyl decal mounted on walls made from a robust and durable vinyl cut with an adhesive back to it. Or you can have vinyl printing decals with opaque vinyl material and low-tac adhesive tape on the back end. These can be installed and mounted on a smooth or clean surface. Vinyl printing and custom vinyl decals are eco-friendly biological material options that send a compelling message in large format. Mounted on walls, hung from poles, and dangling over streets, they demand attention for proper size and position. Custom vinyl decals are a way for a business to establish its brand, which can be placed on company vehicles, business products, and worksites so the public can become familiar with your business name and brand. They are also used as fleet graphics, school logos, safety decals, nameplates, instruction, and informational decals, product and service stickers, and wall graphics.
Vinyl Decals

Prints On Canvas

What is canvas? And why is it popular for mounting on walls? The printed canvas is one of the most favored when decorating your home walls, from your bedroom to your kitchen to your dining room and even your bathroom walls. Printing on canvas is also used in office settings such as the reception area, conference room, and lobbies and gives an elegant and professional display. You can add multiple print canvases to create intensity and feature accents in your home, office, or retail business, or you might want to share your unique family moments by printing on canvas. We also offer a canvas foam board material that is 3/16" thickness and has all the characteristics of foamboard but the texture of a canvas print. Textured canvas printing has been around for some time and is now printed on inkjet printers and will create a traditional look. Print canvas gallery wrap is one of the most popular ways to mount a photo because it's more affordable than modern and traditional framing, where no frame is needed to install a photo or graphic art on the wall. So, what are the differences and resemblances between vinyl and canvas prints? Durability. Vinyl has the advantage here. Vinyl prints provide UV protection and are also lightweight prints, making them less likely to get damaged. When it comes to scratching and denting, both vinyl and canvas prints are vulnerable. When it comes to distinctiveness, Vinyl prints by far take the lead due to their modernistic appearance. In price, canvas prints are more affordable than vinyl prints.
Multi Panel Canva Printing
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