Vinyl Decal Printing will always be a timeless form of Advertising

Vinyl Decal Printing Will Always Be A Timeless Form Of Advertising

In the world of advertising, you may have heard and seen numerous signage made from Gator, Foam, Aluminum, and much more, but what about vinyl printing? Vinyl signs? Or how about vinyl decal printing? Vinyl is also a material that might not be as common as other signage materials but is used just like other forms of signage prints and is perfect for advertising and promoting as well. If you would like to know more about how vinyl decal printing is used to advertise, keep on reading. Vinyl is one of the most favored materials due to its low-cost and durability and looks ideal for companies looking to promote their business.

Vinyl Wall Decals
Vinyl Wall Decals

Why Vinyl

So, what is vinyl? Vinyl is a synthetic plastic material that provides the most flexibility when compared to any other plastic in the world. Vinyl is made of ethylene and chlorine, and it's formed into polyvinyl chloride resin or more commonly known as vinyl. Vinyl is more commonly known and used for flooring and siding, but it also can be utilized for many other things due to its ability to be mixed with other substances and modifiers. Vinyl is a plastic PVC material that consists of some elements that make it more pliable and flexible. Vinyl signs or vinyl banners are made from 100% polyester textile and are created and designed with a weft inserted knit to give them more durability and strength. Vinyl signs can be made for indoor and outdoor use and any weather. Vinyl printing is created with the highest quality material and delivers your design on outstanding format using a four-color print technique with a fade, scratch, and weather-resistant UV liquid ink giving your custom vinyl printing sign an excellent and vivid color. It is easy to turn around and turn over and make it easy to ship, print, install, and store. Are there different options when it comes to the thickness of vinyl printing signs? Vinyl signs can be printed in various thicknesses, but the most favored are the 13 oz. for its weight and thickness.

Clear Vinyl Decals

What Are Decals?

So, what is a decal? And what is vinyl decal printing? You can buy decal in a variety of colors and finishes but they generally come in one single color, so why is that? Vinyl decals or custom vinyl stickers are cut from a roll of vinyl by a vinyl cutter or plotter. This vinyl cutter is attached to a computer and utilizes a small blade to cut into the vinyl. Once the vinyl has been cut it is removed and laid on weeding (excess layer) after the wedding is removed it is passed through a taping machine, and it goes through the machine, a layer of application tape is added to the decal, and that is how a vinyl decal is created. Custom vinyl decals or decal stickers are an affordable and attractive way to create high quality and full of colorful designs. Vinyl decal printing is an excellent advertising technique to promote your business logo and promote your brand. Check out our various advertising mediums at


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