Transform our artwork into high end gallery art using Cardstock

Transform your artwork into high end gallery art using Cardstock

The digital age has changed art and artwork altogether. Doodling is a real thing now that can be done without the usage of paper or actual colors. It is simply done by an electronic pen. However, digital art also needs to be transformed into a tangible form to be sold or even posted on your kitchen fridge. This can be done in some ways. One way of doing it is by printing on cardstock.

So, what is cardstock printing? It is a set of paper which is thicker than standard paper but less stiff than actual cardboard. Cardstock printing has now become cheap and convenient due to the technological advancements in software and printing hardware. If you want to convert your artwork into a high-end gallery where you can make money, you will need to take care of certain aspects while conducting cardstock printing. The things that you have to be careful about are:

Card Stock Poster Printing

Which Style Printer?

There are two options available for the printer you require. The first one is that you get the services of a professional printing press which is expensive in nature. The other option is the purchase of a high-end printer to print on cardstocks at home. Artists in the business of printing their artwork usually have large format printers that accept thicker cardstock paper. This kind of printer will enable you to control the colors as well, and the output will be high-quality, high-end reproduction of your digital artwork.

Ink Type

This is one of the most important aspects of high-quality printing. If you use a high-end printer but low-quality ink, your print can not bring out the colors you want or the colors may not last for a long time. Also, look out for compatibility of ink and ink cartridges with your current printer or the one you are thinking to buy.


The selection of the correct cardstock is also imperative rather than most valuable as the bad paper will save you less money but waste all the money you have spent on the other equipment. Selecting the best paper stock for cardstock printing is, therefore, the element that you should focus on the most as that is your final product. A photo paper cardstock is the safest bet if you don’t have much idea about different kinds of cardstocks.


The printer and software setting also have a heavy impact on the output. General settings can be learned quickly but to print your artwork in a professional manner, you will need to learn the basic and advanced settings of your printer. Adjusting it will take some experience, but over the period you will arrive at the custom settings that will help you in achieving your goal of transforming your artwork into high-end gallery art using Cardstock printing.

Final verdict

Converting your digital art into a tangible item on the cardstock can be profitable. However, to make real money, you will need to select the best of options available in your price range and then count the money when your art sells like a hot cake.


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