The Versatility Of Sintra Board Printing!


  1. Vaida Kidykaite

    Hello, my name is Vaida Kidykaite and I am an architectural designer, based in DTLA. I am working on one project where we would like to install an artwork (printed on board approx size: H7'-10"/W6'-9") and it would be placed in the bathroom, so it should be moisture resistant. I am not sure if you could provide and advice about an initial price for this size, and what kind of a board/technique would you recommend for this project? Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you. I would be grateful to work with you, Kind Regards, Vaida Kidykaite

    • Foam Core Print

      Vaida Please <a href="">follow the link here</a> and start a live chat with a rep so we can go over all the options and pricing for the products that will work for your project!

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