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The Versatility Of Sintra Board Printing!

Are you looking for a unique strategy to boost and display your Sintra printing art? Sintra Board printing is your solution to your business marketing. Sintra Board printing is one of the most simple, easy and modern ways to print that focuses on custom images and durability at a very affordable price and is the best option for professional printing today.

About Sintra Board Printing

Sintra is the method of printing on a Sintra board printing and is the name that was given to a high-quality PVC board that is the leader in the printing industry for more than 20 years. Sintra printing is formed from stretched closed-cell polyvinyl chloride in a smooth sheet and hold a low gloss matte finish.

Sintra Printing Benefits

What sets Sintra Printing apart from other printing options is the gloss matte finish and the customizable thickness of either 1/8 or ¼. Printing exactly on the board means that you can print full bleed and on both sides. Being able to print on both sides makes Sintra printing an excellent option for window displays and for hanging displays from ceiling tiles as well. What makes Sintra board printing so appealing is its durability and low-cost price. Sintra printing is resistant to UV rays, moisture and can be used for indoor and outdoor displays.

Sintra Prints Can Be Used In Many Ways

The most common methods for Sintra board printing are Pop up displays - is an excellent way to attract traffic to your business at the most affordable price. Pop displays are easy and fast to assemble and can be customized to show any marketing message you want to deliver to your viewers. Sintra board printing is also ideal for tradeshow exhibits that will make your booth stand out from the others. Sintra printing is a great alternative for framing your portraits, or artwork and businesses can benefit from these board prints by displaying them indoors and outdoors. The endurance of straight Sintra printing is perfect for special events and wholesale signage that can repeatedly be used. They are also lightweight and can hold up well under numerous applications. Also, the colors print vibrantly on Sintra board printing and are perfect for guiding and greeting signage. Combining color and strategic positioning can even boost your business sales. Since the ink in Sintra printing is water resistant, it works great for outdoor displays. Holes are easy to drill through the board to place in an exterior wall. Sintra board printing works great for advertising your real estate property. They are eye-catching display signs that can be customized to your liking to display any message that will attract your customer's attention in no time.

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Why Is Sintra Board Printing So Popular?

Sintra printing has become one of the top choices when it comes to business marketing since it’s the best option for low-cost and returns on the investment opportunity in the marketing world today. Sintra printing is light-weight, durable, flexible, can be molded into any shape, and the water-resistant UV ink gives it a high-quality color and print.


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