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The Basics

Styrene is a colorless clear liquid that is an element of materials utilized to make many products. Styrene can be found in many products such as peanuts, strawberries, peaches, oats, beef, and cinnamon. It has been used for more than 70 years as an element to make materials that are used in many consumer products bathtubs, shower enclosures, carpet backings, rubber tires, and is also used to make polystyrene plastic which has become one of the most popular. Polystyrene is used to make beautiful styrene prints to attract customers.

Styrene Prints

Styrene signs are used as floor stands, outdoor and indoor signs, and poster frames. Styrene plastic is very convenient and flexible. Styrene printing has a flat and smooth surface that gives it a high-quality appearance while remaining low-cost, durable, and waterproof. What’s even better is that styrene prints can be customized to be cut to any shape. Styrene printing signs give a professional look to your brand with vivid colors, images, and graphics that will make your business stand out.

Custom Prints

Styrene prints can be customized with your business brand or logo or any image or message of your choosing. Styrene printing is so flexible and versatile that it can be cut to any shape you desire and to fit the space that you like. If you are looking to experiment, styrene prints can be cut into unique shapes and can adjust to being tubed and rolled. Visit our homepage for more info about custom prints.

styrene prints
Styrene Menus


Styrene prints can be printed on both sides and come in a variety of thicknesses .030 and .015. Styrene printing is ideal for exhibits and events and is easily hung, and can even be displayed curved and in-wall panels. They are common in malls, retail stores, business entrance halls, restaurants to display menus, tradeshows, and reception desks. Styrene prints hold a good material that makes them durable easy to clean and use and store in any frame or stand. Styrene prints can be displayed on counters, restaurants, shops, tabletops, hanging displays, back wall displays panel displays, and much more.

Low-Cost Prints

If you are looking to expand your business what better way to attract attention than with a valuable and practical sign. Some factors you should consider when making your sign is the view. The sign should be a proper size for visible distance. Your sign should also be positioned in an area where it can have the best exposure to capture attention. Understandable. The message or images you are trying to portray should be organized in a way that easy to see or read. Keywords should be in larger print. Adding different colors and fonts will emphasize the message. Your sign should include designs, images, and colors that will make it stand out. With the help of Styrene printing, you will reach your objective in no time!


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