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The Inside Scoop On Vinyl Prints

What's all the fuzz about vinyl decals? And why are they the most popular in the signage business? Vinyl decals are digital copies that are created with full color. Vinyl decal printing signage usually has an adhesive back so it can stick to various mounts for display. Custom decals are used for many purposes, but the most common use of these vinyl decal printing is a window displaying, construction companies, safety warnings, bumper stickers, and vehicle graphics. You can also customize your vinyl decal printing and have it cut to any shape you like. Also, you can add your company name address, and phone number and have your business logo designed as a sticker for a more flexible display.

Custom Vinyl Decal

What should I know about custom vinyl decals? Vinyl decals are composed of polyvinyl material with an adhesive back to it. This makes it easy to mount on store interiors and exteriors, on glass surfaces, and many other walls surfaces. Once they have been set in an area, once you remove them, they can no longer be used again. When they have been installed, they can last for up to 3 years indoors and outdoors. How many types of custom decals are there? Three of the most popular vinyl decal printing are opaque window stickers, perforated window decal, and clear window decal.

custom window decal
Custom Window Decals

Opaque, Perforated & Window Decals

What is the difference between the three custom vinyl decals? Clear vinyl decals can be seen where there is no print, opaque vinyl decals do not provide visibility, and perforated vinyl decal offers a one side visibility which makes them attractive for storefronts. Due to the component of this printed material, decals can only be installed on the inside facing out.

Custom Decals
Custom Decals

Custom Vinyl Decal Printing

Are vinyl decals flexible and durable? Custom vinyl decal and custom decals are durable and can be used indoors and outdoors and can withstand windy weather conditions. Can my signage tear in installing outdoors when it's windy? More than likely, no. Custom vinyl decals have a reinforced hem which makes them stronger and more durable. What about designs and graphics? Will they fade? Vinyl decal printing includes UV ink which makes your signage fade resistant for years to come.

Clear static window cling
"Spot White" Clear Decals

Types Of Vinyl Decals

What can vinyl decals be used for? And how many kinds are there? There are four different types of custom vinyl decal printing. Heavy-duty labels are a custom vinyl decal that is used for machinery purposes and are exposed to harsh environments. To keep them from coming off, they hold strong adhesive, and the labeling is protected by ultraviolet UV coating. There are also caution and hazard vinyl decals that include the same elements to make them durable and resistant. Die cut decals are also another form of custom decals that are cut to customize your company logo. Static decals are those that are printed on white vinyl and are transparent. This type of decal uses a minimal adhesive which makes it easy to reposition. Reflective stickers are vinyl decals that hold a reflective coating at night and can be printed in any color you like.


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