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Substrates Designed to Uphold in Intense Environments

Signs, especially outdoor signage, are supposed to be eye-catching and efficient despite any weather, temperature, or any outdoor condition. If you live in a place where the weather is unpredictable, or you own a business in a location where it’s too hot most days or freezing in some days, you need a sign that will work 24/7 for you. There is no doubt that fewer materials can function under these terrible conditions. And when you think of the best materials for extreme environments, the following are left to choose from.

Aluminum Signage

Aluminum signs are one of the most preferred in places where it gets too cold, or it gets too hot most days. Printing on aluminum is easy because the surface is mostly flat and pliable. Aluminum is one of the best choices because of the following reasons:

  • Aluminum can withstand extreme cold or heat – outdoor aluminum signs can reflect heat and cold and therefore will work in any weather or temperature. It can be used as signage for businesses, shops, restaurant's or offices.
  • Aluminum will retain its beauty despite severe temperature conditions – it will remain beautiful with words and images still easy to read despite being out for a long time in the grueling cold or terrible heat.
  • Aluminum is lightweight and vigorous – it won’t break despite high winds. It can fall but still retain its shape and thus easier to place back or mount afterward. This material is durable and therefore could last for a long, long time without the need for any replacement.
  • Aluminum is cheaper – aluminum signs are cheaper than most other substrates. You can afford an aluminum sign for any application and will save you a lot of money as well.
  • Aluminum is water-resistant – rain or shines aluminum signs will shine brightly. Rain won’t affect an aluminum sign; it won’t rust or corrode despite years or decades of use.
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Aluminum Signs

Dibond Signs

Printing on Dibond is using a substrate made of lightweight plastic in the middle, sandwiched between aluminum sheets. Dibond signs are stronger than aluminum only and therefore will last longer. It maintains the beauty of aluminum but will remain waterproof, readable, and vibrant even when used for many years. It is easy to print over Dibond sheets but is known to be a little more expensive than the average aluminum sign.

PVC Signs

PVC signs are made from PVC plastic. This material could come in black or white PVC substrates. What makes PVC signs better than other materials is that these are very durable and are therefore found in general outdoor signage applications. It is common to find PVC substrates for shop signs, restaurant menus, yard signs, realtor signs, and more. PVC has some advantages that make it the best choice for harsh environments:

  • PVC is heavier and is, therefore, more durable – PVC is more durable than any other substrates it can be used for harsh environments such as hot, desert-like climates or in freezing climates.
  • PVC can be cut into any desired shape or size - if you need a smaller sign or signage according to a logo or an image, a piece of PVC can be cut accordingly.
  • PVC is all-weather and thus more preferred for outdoor use – PVCs will never lose its color, luster, and quality despite being out in the rain, sun, snow, or winds.
  • PVC is affordable- PVC is among the most affordable. PVC sheets are found in varying thicknesses, sizes, and colors. This is why PVC signs are easier to work according to your specific needs.
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