Substrate comparisons and learning the facts behind Gator board and Foamboard printing

The facts behind Gatorboard and Foamboard printing

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As innovative creator clients rely on you to manage a massive display that can increase motivation and expand their clientele. However, what occurs when they want something huge and high quality or something small and distinct? Printing in house may not be enough, that is why Foam Core Print offers a Program to help you provide agencies, print associates, photographers, marketing firms, and graphic designers with beautiful product results without costing a lot of money with the Reseller program that can handle any size of order in a flash. From something easy to something more complex, Foam Core Print has a wide-ranging production with an easy to use web print system that can take a design, create large print projects and ship them to you within 24 hours. From ordering to verifying you can count on Foam Core Print to deliver and ship anywhere in The United States.

Foam Core Print is your printing company

Here at Foam Core Print, we understand how important boards are to increase and expand a business. We are committed to providing you with the best collection of board and signs to fit your business needs. Every business must have a signage board if they want to attract new and potential customers and bring growth to the company. Branded companies need signage boards if they want to increase their business, but for small businesses and new ventures' boards are much more important. With so many options of signage boards being offered, it can be a challenge to find the right board that best suits your business.

The Difference Between Foam boards and Gator boards

Foamcore printing and Gatorboard printing are both created from poster board substances that are used for business printing. When you first glance at both, they might seem the same, but they are somewhat different. The one you decide on will be fixed on the length of the display.

Foam Board Printing

Foamboard printing Foamboard Printing

Foam board printing also referred to as Foam core, and it is made of firm polystyrene that is supported with printer paper on both sides. It is lightweight and easy to mount and a great sign to display for a short period. But ever so it is sensitive to scratches, dents, and water damage. Foamboard is usually used for marketing and advertising products and services of the business. They are an excellent way to get the word out about your business. It is highly suggested to have your impressions printed directly on the foamboard's surface. You also have the option to mount ideas on top of Foam board prints rather than using vinyl. Vinyl will usually deform and unpeel overtime. By putting a coating on your Foamboard prints, it will help them last longer and will not bring the cost up too high.

Gator Board Printing

Just like Foam board, Gator board also holds a polystyrene core that supports printer paper on both sides. The difference between the both is the endurance Gator board printing includes. Gator board has a more durable internal wood like layer finishing. Although not as tough or water resistant as Ultra boards, Gatorboard prints have been asserted to withstand longer than foamboard. But with the durability comes a higher price. Gator board prints are also used for marketing and advertising products of the business. The water resistant and damage-free impressions make it the first option for businesses to display. Gator boards are also printed on precisely just like foam boards. They are also very customary in the restaurant business due to its light and its anti-moisture properties. For a longer lasting time, it can also be laminated.

The Final Word

So, you have probably concluded that if you had to make a choice between Foam board and Gator boards, it would naturally depend on the reasonable length of usage. Foam core is the most inexpensive of the two, but it is extremely susceptible to wear and tear. Gatorboard is a bit more expensive but exceptionally durable and anti-moisture. Both Foam boards and Gator boards can be cut off to any shape or size you need, and both boards can be printed into beautiful displays.


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