Sintra Board vs. Foam Board Printing [What You Must Know!]


  1. Eric

    What kind of printer would you use for printing on sintra/foamboard/coroplast? I am looking to expand my print shop to include signs but I have no idea what equipment is available that will help me provide these services

    • Foam Core Print

      Hey Eric We are using vutek flatbed printers and more... We work directly with .edu to offer discount codes for use individual colleges and universities (student discount, alumni discount and staff perk programs) If you are interested I'd love to help develop Bakersfield college a discount code that will give below wholesale pricing for our print site! Let me know how and if I can help Thanks Eric

  2. michelle mandi

    would like to request for your assistance. im currently looking for a material which we can use as what we call price tag or price stick that we will put inside sacks of animal feeds displayed in a poultry or pet store. size should be around 8x12 inches.

    • Foam Core Print

      Michelle You could use cardstock or styrene, styrene is more of a plastic material that would most likely be a perfect fit for you! Follow the link below and add fully to cart for pricing.

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