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Vinyl Banners – Versatile, Great Value and Variety

The most used form of signage for businesses and the general public is Vinyl Banners. They are portable, cost-efficient, and extremely easy to install. Banners have always been used as a successful tool to grab the public’s eye and really shout a message to an audience. They are large signs that are easy to read, which is why they are a smart idea for investment rather than flyers or postcards. If a company really wants to grab their audiences’ attention, banners will surely do the trick. Banners are widely used for company advertisements, public announcements, or even personal occasions such as wishing someone happy birthday or asking someone to prom. However, every individual or business is looking for the quickest and most inexpensive way to send a message to the public.

Vinyl banners from Foam Core Print, known as one of the best vinyl companies, have proven to be the best choice among print advertising for both businesses and individuals. In fact, there are 3v’s of vinyl banners that explain why they are the best. Learn all about the versatility, value, and variety of vinyl banners:


The bonus of vinyl banners is their versatility in sizing. They offer an extremely wide range of sizing; they can either be as small as you want, or as large as you want (most companies usually have a maximum size). You can usually get as creative as you want and customize it to the exact size of your desires. Vinyl banners are also versatile when it comes too mounting; it is created to be easy to do-it-yourself. It usually comes with grommets for hanging, or D-rings and Velcro. There is no hassle involved when it comes to utilizing the banner in whatever way you desire. This makes it easy for individuals to decide what they want to do with their banner. Whether you want to hang it up or hold it, the choice is up to you! Designing and ordering a custom vinyl banner is extremely easy and usually can be done online. However, for the less tech-savvy individuals, you can always do it the old-fashioned way and order over the phone. The good news is, when it comes to designing the banner the way you want, it is easy, quick and hassle-free.

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Vinyl Banners


One of the most cost-effective tools for businesses to advertise is vinyl banners. When compared to other forms of advertising these banners are more than half the price and provide an impressive high return on your investment. For example, individuals pay thousands of dollars for online ads that half of their audience will never see because not everyone utilizes the Internet. However, everyone is out and about, so custom banners are instantly visible to the naked eye! If you are looking for a banner to promote a certain product launch or grand opening, it proves to be a relatively low-cost option that will effectively bring more attention to your business. If you are looking to use a poster for personal use such as a birthday, it is still an affordable option that looks better and larger than a homemade sign! As surprising as it sounds, most banners go for as low as $1.50 a square foot. In most cases, you can find out their pricing online as well as design your banner through their website.

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Most individuals think of a vinyl banner as a standard long rectangle banner. There are actually several types of banners such as double-sided, street, street pole, mesh, and backlit vinyl banners. The type of banner you choose will depend on your specific need for the banner.


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