Printing Fulfillment Services for Drop Shipping

When you have your own business, one of the most essential things to stay on top of is making sure your product or business, and all the critical information about them, is properly distributed to the customers and future customers you may want to attract. It’s also important to find the best methods for your particular organizational and financial situation. Many people find that one of the best ways to do this effectively is through a strong print presence and utilization of printing departments with printing fulfillment services for drop shipping.

What Are Printing Fulfillment Services? What Is Drop Shipping?

infographic to explain dropshippingPrinting fulfillment services (with one type being print on demand) are different methods that a business can use to prepare and organize materials to ship out to customers, office branches, special facilities, or really anywhere that they need to go. This is then combined the with drop shipping. Drop shipping is when a retailer or business doesn’t physically have the inventory that a customer orders but takes the customer’s order and payment and then processes the order through the manufacturer or provider. From there, the manufacturer then sends it to the customer, branch, recipient, etc.

Types of Printing Fulfillment Services for Drop Shipping


Assembly is a very specialized printing fulfillment service for drop shipping. Assembly is a good service to use when you are combining multiple different materials to create one cohesive unit for some overall purpose. For example, if you want to create materials that would all combine together for let’s say, employee training, you would include all the materials that would compose it such as the manual, record books, binders, and so on.

Case Picking

Case picking is a printing fulfillment service that involves pulling smaller individual collections of materials, or cases, from bigger collections and then sending those individual collections out to customers. This method is similar to the pick and pack service, but it is better for larger orders with less variety when it comes to types of materials. Many people like this method because it is very time effective.

Variable Data Printing

picture of man and womanWhen it comes to retaining old customers and attracting new ones, a great strategy is personalization. To get consumer attention, many businesses will send out something like gifts, sample product packages, or other promotional items. But they do this with personalized messages included. When you have an order that requires many different personalized items, you should usually choose variable data printing.

Pick and Pack

One of the best types of printing fulfillment services is a method commonly referred to as “pick and pack”. You simply pick out the materials you need from a larger source of materials and then pack those items together for shipment. This method is good because it really gives the retailer a lot of freedom when it comes to how and what they choose to ship out. It’s a very specialized choice for orders that contain many different kinds of print materials such as booklets, manuals, etc.


Many people like to use kitting when they have an order for which they plan out its contents in advance. Just like survival kits are filled with preselected items that all work together to keep you alive, you can build a kit of related printed materials for your business that all complement each other. Kits are put together in advance and then can easily be shipped out. Another reason kitting is a great option is its cost effectiveness when it is used large scale.

More Pros About Drop Shipping

One of the things that is handy about integrating drop shipping into your business plan is that it allows for a unique flexibility of where you operate your business. Another pro about drop shipping is that it isn’t something that procures great risk. You don’t have to make the risk of getting all your own inventory. Many people also love drop shipping because it is rather cost effective and time effective.
Check out how you can drop ship with Shopify here:

Where to Look

One company that offers some quality printing fulfillment services for drop shipping is a company called Foam Core Print. They offer some solid packages and pricing and are easy to get in contact with about specific questions and concerns.  Whatever you might be looking for, printing fulfillment services will help you make the most out of your business.



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