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Can You Benefit From Being A Print Broker?

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Are you just starting your business or are a proud owner of a small business seeking professional help to increase brand awareness? Whether you are looking to gain more loyal customers or bring new and potential clients to your business, printing signage should be listed as one of the top priorities. Trade printers and print brokers from a print brokerage company can be the solution you are looking for. So, might be asking yourself, what is a trade printer and a print broker? And how can they help you increase your business and clientele? If you are like me, and are not familiar with the services that are offered by print brokers and trade printers, even though at first glance they might not seem to be any difference between the two of them. There are some distinct differences that need to be contemplated to make the best decision for your business needs. So, here’s a look at the differences between trade printers and print brokers:

How Being A Print Broker Works

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Print brokers are sales activities that are open to any customer and includes the business owner himself. They work much like any other company employing a group of sales staff to ask customers on their behalf by acquiring projects and offering an estimated price for the completed project. On the other hand, trade printers as the name suggest work only within the business on a general basis accomplishing projects for print brokers, graphic designers, ad agencies, and resellers. Regardless of what allegations print brokers may say they usually are limited to the projects they take on due to the limited equipment they own. Which is why there are times the projects get passed on to trade printers so they can complete the job. Alternatively, trade printers take on jobs that they know they can complete from beginning to end without having to employ services from other sources. Trade printers, unlike print brokers, count on their in-house equipment which includes specialized machinery like laminators and 10-color presses that are not usually found with a print brokerage company. As for having direct contact. A print broker is a salesperson who might or might not be familiar with files that are print ready and whether your project has been completed for the agreed-on task. As for trade printers, they are unknown to the buyer but work in close collaboration with print brokers and resellers, so you have the advantage of benefitting from both, the trade printer and print broker. You are sure to get top quality through every stage of the development. Lastly, there is also a difference in the price range. Print broker's rates are considered as retail pricing, and trade printers sell at wholesale which gives the broker or reseller more freedom on pricing. So, if you have a simple one project job or a consistent order that does not need any particular type of print, a print broker can do the job. But if you require completing a project that requires more sophisticated print, trade printers are your best option.


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