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Political Signs To Communicate Your Message

Cheap Political Signs

Political campaigns require a lot of communication. Whether you’re the candidate yourself, or you’re managing a campaign for someone else, there are probably plenty of different ways that you’ve considered communicating to your audience about the campaign. There are many factors to consider when choosing your methods of communication for a campaign, but the one channel that many candidates and campaign managers are drawn to is signage.

Printed political signs have been a staple in campaigns both large and small for years. Depending on how politically active a community is, you can drive down any street in the country during election seasons and see signs and posters on lawns, in windows, pinned to community bulletin boards and so much more.

If you want to compete as a candidate, you’re probably going to want to invest in political signage. Check out more information about political signs and how to best use them in communicating your message below.

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Pros and Cons of Cheap Political Campaign Signs

Before you decide how to use political signs in your campaign, you should first consider the pros and cons to decide if they’re even a feasible option for you.

Pros of Political Signs

  • One of the biggest pros of using political signs is how affordable they are to produce. You can get a lot of signs in a variety of shapes, sizes, and mediums at a very low cost. This then allows your campaign to have a lot of material to advertise with without breaking the bank.
  • Another pro to political signs is how flexible they are as a medium. You can create signs to be hung in shop windows, in public spaces, on lawns and practically anywhere else that’s conceivable. This allows people to be consistently exposed to your message, leaving a good impression on others wherever they go.
  • The final great pro to using lawn signs is how easy they are to set up. Unlike other campaign components that might require a lot of expert knowledge or planning to set up, signs can be given to volunteers or staff members that are short on time and only need a quick task to complete. Signs can also be given out to your supporters to hang up in their own spaces.
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Cons of Political Signs

  • While there are several great reasons to use political signs, there are a few cons you should consider before investing in them. For many people, the pros outweigh the cons, but it is still important to know exactly what you’re getting into before you commit to anything.
  • The first con of using political signs is that they are often easy to take down, steal, or deface. Since these signs are mostly for use in public spaces, they are often not protected and are at risk for whatever the public may choose to do with them. You can sometimes combat this by choosing locations that are well-populated to keep trouble at bay.
  • Signs are also not impervious to weather or time. After a while, they will need to be replaced. This can add additional costs to your campaign for both supplies and the time required to replace your signage.

Types of Signs

If you have considered the pros and cons of using political signs and decided that they will benefit your campaign, you’re going to want to consider the logistics of your signage. The best political signs are ones that have thought behind not only the design but also the material and the usage. Check out these different types of lawn signs to see what would work best for your campaign:

Lawn Signs

These are probably the most iconic form of political signs. Lawn signs are usually made of plastic or foam core boards that rest on two metal stakes. These stakes can be inserted into lawns, gardens and other soft materials. Your supporters can sport these lawn signs in their own yards, or they can be used at campaign events to help direct guests to where they need to be.

Paper Flyers and Pamphlets

If you’re running for a position within your community, don’t underestimate the power of paper. Flyers and pamphlets can be an extremely useful tool while canvassing, hosting tabling events, passing out at town halls, and distributing to volunteers. They’re a good way to get your message in a condensed and easily digestible form for potential new supporters. These materials can be printed on regular printer paper, glossy paper, or cardstock depending on your budget and design preferences.


If you’re in an area with large community centers or town centers, you could benefit from having professionally-made posters that remain hanging for a long period of time. These posters can be small or large in format and printed on glossy poster paper, foam core board, or other materials. These posters can also work well for town hall presentations, exhibitions, and press events.

The Verdict

Political signs have been around long enough that many people now consider them a necessity for any campaign, big or small. You can order all kinds of political signage in multiple formats, depending on your budget, environment, and campaign needs.

If you’re looking to order signs for your campaign, our experts at FoamCorePrint can help you create exactly what you need. Contact us today to get started and for more information regarding design and material options, pricing, turnaround time on projects, and more.


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