Picking the Right Substrate for the Job - Must Read!

Picking the Right Substrate for the Job

Even if you ignore it, the substrate is the most important element when it comes to printing results, and it will determine the quality and useful life of the final product. Professionals and companies that choose the wrong substrate for their projects, like in foam core printing, will probably find themselves with poor results on their hands. As we suggested before, picking the right substrate is paramount. It doesn't matter if you are printing on aluminum or obsessed with gator board products, the wrong decision will lead you to disappointing results. In the following lines, we will talk about which ones could be the best alternatives in substrates. It will always depend on how it's going to be used, the duration you like it to have, and the setting it will be displayed.

When Looking for Outdoor Durability

Of course, if your project involves outdoor advertising and signs, durability is a must. Have in consideration that the materials you install on the street will suffer all the punishment from the sun, rain, and wind. For foam board printing, this is not an easy situation. In these scenarios, the sure bet is printing on aluminum or Dibond, followed closely by Sintra PVC. These materials provide outstanding durability, even in severe conditions. Professionals in the foamboard printing industry, including FoamCorePrint, can support this statement.

multi color sintra pvc board
Sintra PVC Board

When Affordable and Lightweight Are the Main Needs

Indoor projects demand lightweight materials that don't have to be extremely resistant. Because of this, the most used materials are gatorboard, also considering their price as a crucial factor. These are affordable and lightweight, providing acceptable durability. Nevertheless, when installed indoors, sturdiness is not that relevant. Foamboard printing can deliver a wide array of results because many variations of this material are available in the market. Still, both foam board and gatorboard are only suitable for a limited amount of uses in the printing industry, even when found in many different variations.
aluminum dibond
1/8" Dibond 

When Good Looks Are Paramount

People often relate high-gloss finishes with a particular type of substrate. The truth is that it doesn't matter the substrate you choose for the project, a superior high-gloss finish is always a valid choice. At FoamCorePrint, we can coat upon request any substrate to dramatically improve its appearance. This process doesn't affect the composition of the material or the quality and fidelity of the foam board negatively. On the contrary, the coating is considered highly beneficial for adding durability and improving how good it looks.

1/2" Gatorboard

The Bottom Line

The more complex your foamboard printing project is, the harder is choosing the right substrate. However, that is what the experts are for. At FoamCorePrint, we are always willing to help you choose the most convenient materials for your upcoming projects. If you have any doubts, we can support you during the entire process, from delivering all the information you could need about foam board printing to creating high-quality pieces of work.


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