Best Custom New Year Banner Designs and Examples For 2020

Best Custom New Year Banner Templates, Designs, and Examples

Christmas is over and it's time to roll in the sparking new year with a new year resolution and if you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party, impressive décor should be on your checklist. Ordering from an established business is the easiest way to save time and is actually almost on par in costs as far as affordability, but here we'll focus on how to do it yourself. However, you don’t have to splurge and empty your wallet only on décor, some can be DIY-ed, how? There’s a ton of sites on the internet that offer printable templates to make incredibly creative banners for free. You’ll be surprised what you can create with the use of a computer, printer, and well… your hands. There are a lot of happy new year banner images to get ideas from so the possibilities are endless. For now, let’s get your creative juice flowing with these easy DIY New Year banners.

How to Make A New Year Banner, or NYE Banner, with Templates

Templates make designing easy; you won’t have to stress over designing each letter on Word or an app. All the letters, numbers, and signs you need can easily be downloaded, and if you have a printer and some hot glue, you’re good to go. If you’re willing to try out one of these templates here’s a design that you can create. But first, these are the things you’ll need.

  • Cardstock and patterned paper
  •    Pre-cut letters
  •    Strings
  •    Printable Banner Templates from either of the sites we’ve listed
  •    Scissors
  •    Glue or tape adhesive
  •    Hole punch
  •    Paper trimmer
happy new years banner

The best thing about banner templates is that you can use any paper you deem fit for the occasion. For this new year banner, you can download and print the templates and buy a gold cardstock to trace and cut out the templates.   Bring out your cardstock; if it is 12x12, you’ll need to trim it down to printer size which is usually 8.5x11” using either scissors or a paper trimmer. Now you can use the downloaded printable banner template from whichever site and determine the size you’d like your banners to be. If you want it big, then you can print one per page, for a medium-size print 2 per page, and for really tiny ones, print 25 per page. Use your paper trimmer or scissors to trim out each banner on the thin lines. Once trimmed, you can customize them however way you wish. To add weight and life to the gold cardstock, you can purchase a solid color (preferably black) matting banner template. Glue the gold cardstock banners to the black cardstock and leave at a ¼” around the banner. The banner is almost done, but you’ll need some letters to really bring out that Happy New Year's designs and vibe. You can download letter templates online (in the sites) or buy pre-cut letters from a store. Stick the letters onto the front and center of the banners with glue or adhesive. Finally, to give the banners their moment, punch some holes, and string the banners together. This can be done by feeding the string or ribbon through the holes—the front or the back. And that’s your banner, easy and cheap to make. Using canvas can also be helpful and definitely beats using clip art!  

Try our free design tool

Felt Banner with Templates

Tools you’ll need include;

  •    12x18 piece of black felt
  •    9x12 inch piece of sticky-back white felt
  •    Dowel rod
  •    Twine
  •    Scissors and marker
  •    Template and lettering
  •    Glue
hello 2019

Print out your template and letters. Trace the template out on a black felt with scissors and trace the white felts out for the letters. It can read “Welcome to The New Year”, "Happy NYE", or anything of your choosing. If you feel the diameters of the black felt is too small, you can change the diameter to accommodate all the letters. Wrap the black felt around the dowel rod and secure using hot glue. Tie twine to both ends of the dowel rod to hang on your wall. This is perfect for school or hanging in your house.

Paper Plates Banner

Paper plates are not just for eating delicious snacks during your New Year's eve party. You can also turn them into awesome new year's eve banners. And it's quite simple, you’ll need;

  • Black Cardstock
  • Ribbons or string
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • 4 gold paper plates
  • Tissue paper confetti
  • Clear contact paper
  • Bowl for tracing
  • 2020 printable numbers
Happy new years papaer banner

  Trace a circle on the back of the gold paper plates with a bowl. Cut the circle out by poking a hole in the middle of the paper plate and then using scissors to cut the circle out. Do this to all four plates. Print out the 2020 letters from any site of your choice on a cardstock, preferably a black cardstock. Now trace circles on the back of clear contact paper with one of the gold paper plates and the same bowl you used to trace the circles. Cut of four of each circle. Flip the gold paper plate upside down and/ peel off the backing of one of the large contact paper circles and stick it on the bottom of the gold paper plate with the sticky side facing down. Flip the paper plates back up and sprinkle tissue paper confetti on the sticky contact paper circle. You can no stick all 4 numbers on the sticky contact paper. Remove the backing of the smaller contact paper circles and place it down on the front of your paper plate to hold the confetti and numbers in place. Punch a hole on the top side of each plate and string the paper plates together to create your gold New Years' Eve banner and you’re done.

Paper and Letters Banner

This banner is so simple and quick, you can give your 6-year-old to make. You’ll need;

  • Letters
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Star stamp
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or strings or ribbons
merry christmas banners

Once again, you’ll need to download printable banner templates from any site of your choice (freepik or postermywall have free banner templates). Download and print the banner on cardstock. Spread glue on the back of each of the letters you’ll be sticking to the cardstock. Add the letters to the center of each printed banner. Punch a hole on the top side of each of the banners and string. For this banner, we made a “happy new year” banner. We know this wasn't a short post - if you'd rather save a few hours than just order online here!  


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