Mesh Banners Last Longer Than Vinyl Banners, Here's Why!

Mesh Banners Last Longer Than Vinyl Banners, Here's Why!

Mesh Banner Printing Mesh Banner Printing

So, what are Mesh banners? And what are they used for? Mesh banner holds a vinyl pattern and is built from a lightweight material which makes them resistant to tear and wear. Mesh banners contain a mesh vinyl design which makes it possible for the wind to go through the banner and an ideal choice for outdoor display functions. Banners are used much like a traditional advertisement and are used for store openings, school presentations, promotional sales, tradeshows, exhibits, and much more. There are many types of banners you can choose from, but two of the most common and the most popular are vinyl and mesh banners. So why do custom mesh banners last longer than vinyl banners? At first glimpse, you would think they are the same, but if you look closer, you will notice that they have different features. Mesh banners can be used indoors and outdoors but are mostly used for outdoor display. One of the most noticeable features is the small holes that you can see throughout the banner which makes it ideal for display in windy weather conditions. Our custom mesh banners have a 70/30 ratio, meaning 70% of the material is vinyl and 30% is a mesh breathable material. The 70/30 material mix is what allows the banner to wave in the high winds and able to withstand the brutal pounding of mother nature's extreme conditions not being damaged! These features are the reason why mesh banners are the 1# choice for baseball stadiums, cities, schools, and much more.

Custom Vinyl Banners

Custom Vinyl Banners Custom Vinyl Banners

What are custom vinyl banners and what are they used for? Vinyl printing is made from 100% polyester material and is built with a weft inserted knit to give custom vinyl banners extra durability and strength. They are also a traditional form of display and are used much like Mesh banners and can also be used for indoor and outdoor display. Vinyl printing can be utilized for many purposes and can hang from the ceiling, used as a banner stand, or be attached to a tablet. Many prefer using custom vinyl banners to display their products, services, promotions, and much more because they are easy to create and are one of the most affordable and attractive methods in the advertising industry. When it comes to caring for vinyl printing banners all you need is mild soap and water. So, what are the advantages of purchasing a custom vinyl banner? Vinyl printing holds many benefits that include resistance to fading, waterproof, and keeps UV resistant colors. When it comes to displaying vinyl printing, there are many ways you can show your banners which include using bungees to attach to the corner grommets, strings, cords, and screws. Custom vinyl banners don’t require much care and can be cleaned with warm water and left out to dry. Banners, whether you opt for Mesh banners or custom vinyl banners, they are excellent choices for both indoor and outdoor use that will bring traffic and generate sales. Banners are an ideal choice for promotional events and attracting new customers with their high quality and vivid design display. They are great to display techniques that allow you to create and customize your mesh banner or vinyl printing banner with a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Multi-purpose, flexible, durable, and affordable is what mesh banners and custom vinyl banners offer.


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