Learn Which Substrate Can Withstand Mother Nature’s Fury!!

Learn Which Substrate Can Best Withstand Mother Nature’s Fury!!

An outdoor substrate should not only give an attractive appeal but should also withstand harsh weather conditions. As every season comes and goes, your business display whether it be hanging from the door or mounted on a wall, should not only bring customers to the business but must also be durable. Dibond printing and aluminum printing can be either a brush metal finish or a coil-coated paint finish. Dibond signs are great for displaying graphics and will not bow.

Dibond Prints

Dibond Signs
1/8" Brushed Dibond Signs

So, what kind of material is Dibond? And why is it the best option for outdoor display? Dibond substrates is a sign panel that holds a solid corrugated plastic core. This core makes it stronger but Dibond printing is also lightweight and flexible as well. Dibond sign is rot-proof, waterproof, and make great displays for outdoor use. They are mostly used as regulatory and directional signs and are frequently mounted on poles or walls. With Dibond signs, you can easily customize it to design and create to fit your purpose. They are an affordable and professional method to display and communicate your business to an audience. You should also know that with Dibond substrates, you won’t have to worry too much to keep it clean. All it requires is some water and soap to look as good as new.

Custom Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signage
Aluminum Signs

Custom aluminum signs can be used for interior and exterior usage and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. This metal signage will not rot or deteriorate and are also waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to chemicals. Aluminum signs are built with a smooth and sleek finish and give off a clean and excellent appearance. Substrates made from aluminum can also be printed on both sides and can last for more than 10 years when used indoors. What can I display on aluminum substrates? Aluminum printing is very common and popular for outdoor use and is an affordable and ideal choice to display for many purposes. Aluminum signs are used as commercial signs, real estate signs, street signs, and parking signs. Substrates made from aluminum are an excellent choice for outdoor display because they won’t rust, and are resistant to water and chemicals. Aluminum printing can be inserted on both sides and are very durable. So, not only is aluminum durable, affordable, and serves just about any purpose for display but it can be installed in many ways. It can be mounted on walls, attached to a fence, installed to the ground, and much more and it only requires some water and soap to keep it clean. As you can see both Dibond printing and Aluminum printing are great solutions for outdoor display and for any type of climate, gives protection, and offers a vivid and colored appearance. If you need an outdoor substrate and don’t know where to start, go online and search for Foamcoreprint.com. They will help you find your printing solution and can even have it delivered within 24 hours with overnight printing service.


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