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How To Use Sintra Board For Party Decor!

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to entertain your guests at your next party event and need some ideas? How about photo booth props with Sintra board printing? It’s only a few bucks and affordable. If you don’t have the slightest idea of the Sintra board or Sintra printing, then keep reading.

So, what is Sintra board? Sintra is a plastic PVC material that is durable, lightweight, and is one of the most flexible board materials. Not only is it flexible, but it can last for many years and is one of the most inexpensive of materials that can be cut and customized to any shape your heart desires. Here’s a list of various arts and crafts that have been created from Sintra board;

  • birthday party signs
  • costume-themed props
  • holiday party decorated photo props
  • party decorations for a graduation party
Sintra board can create unique, professional, funny, and beautiful decorations to make your party look amazing! So, why should you use Sintra printing for your next party?

Photo booth Props

Photo booth props are seen everywhere from weddings, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations; they are the ultimate party favor, and here is why. Sintra board is an affordable and low-cost material, which means that you won't have to worry about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your next party event or celebration.
Photo Booth Props

Props on Sintra board are ideal for any occasion or special event

From your sweet 16 birthday party to your prom day, wedding day, or just any occasion where you meet with a group of people is a great reason to have Sintra PVC photo props to brighten up the party options. With Sintra board, you will have various options that will give you complete control of how you want to design or what you want to include on your next photo prop. For instance, if you're going to celebrate in the summertime, a beach photo booth prop is an excellent theme. For this theme, the most common items would include two different colors of surfboards, sharks, turtles, a scuba mask, sunglasses for him and her, a sandcastle, a pail, shovel, flip flops, the sun, beach ball, and an ice cream pop. Whereas a wedding/engagement-themed photo booth prop may consist of Hearts, wedding bells, a wedding cake, a wedding crown, golden mustaches, heart glasses and neckties, a massive diamond ring, red roses, and champagne glasses.

Celerbrate on the 4th

Celebrate the next upcoming holiday, like the 4th of July, why not gather many friends and family and include a photo booth prop? A 4th of July theme prop would consist of the USA flag, the statue of liberty crown and fire, A red star, blue star, white star, fireworks, mustache stripes and stars, Uncle Sam hat, jacket, and goatee. Need some photo booth prop ideas for your next celebration? How about some huge nerdy glasses, a big vintage picture frame, a black mustache, a party hat, or vintage glasses on a stick, a classic with Sintra board printing.

Photo Props

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