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Retractable signs are banner stands that are one of the most efficient and affordable ways to display your business information or to promote a sale of a product or service at your exhibition. So, what makes these banners signs so popular in the marketing industry? Standing banners come in various styles and sizes but not only that, they are easy to set up and breakdown anywhere. So, how would you go about setting up your banner? Most of these retractable signs are set up using a pole or swinging base. You would insert the pole into the base and pull out the feet and proceed by pulling the banner up and connecting it to the supporting pole. Both retractable signs and standing banners are built with ease in mind. The composition of these banner signs is made from aluminum that weigh only 6 lbs. Which makes them even more appealing for trade show presentations on the go.

Retractable Banners Retractable Banners

Setting up standing banners and retractable signs is simple, and this is how it was done:

  • Take off the stand and pole from the bag. This will help you see all the parts out in front of you. Collect all the materials and make sure you have everything you need to put together your banner stand.
  • Swing out stabilizing feet from under the stand if it applies. Some banner stands have a stabilizing swinging foot under the base. Before you connect your support pole, you should pull out the feet and ensure they are set correctly to give the base the support it needs before continuing with the setup.
  • Attach the pole and place it on the slot stand. Before you pull the banner up from the base of the standing position the pole into the base and set it up.
  • Gently remove the banner from the base. After your base has been properly secured and the pole has been established, you can proceed to pull up your banner from the base. It’s important for you never to try to pull the banner out of the base to fast. This could cause damage to the signage track.
  • Connect the banner to the pole. When you are finished adjusting your banner to your desired height, you can attach the signage to the support pull. Ensure the signage is secured to the pole and the signage is installed correctly and is not loose.

How to break down your banner stand

  • Place your foot on the support feet to hold it still then get the hook-on top of the pole and unhook it.
  • Take off the pole from the banner by loosening the pole from the bottom up.
  • Rotate the two feet back from the stand and gently slide the banner stand into the carrying bag.
  • Put the pole back into the bag and you are done.

As you can see retractable signs and standing banners are make great advertising displays not only for their affordability, lightweight, and portability but for the convenience and professional appearance they give. Printing companies like Foam core print can help you choose the best banner stand for your business. They offer various advertising tools and overnight printing as well.


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