How To Decorate Your House With Gallery Walls -

How To Decorate Your House With Gallery Walls

A gallery wall is a visually attractive way to transform a living or workspace to fit your vision and represent who you, your family, or your business are. A gallery wall is a welcomed trend in home design and can create a consistent look, or one you update seasonally or for special occasions. Gallery walls typically involve framed canvas prints of different sizes or shapes, which can be an eclectic mix or follow a theme. To create a well-designed wall, you’ll need to plan out the frame size and what you’d like to print. Here at, we want to combine textured images, personal photos, photography, or prints of artwork you admire.

Choose The Right Wall

Choosing a suitable wall space sounds obvious, but it’s best to think through which wall you choose. Do you want your gallery wall to accent the entire room or be a focal point? Do you have your wall in an office, business setting, foyer, or living room? The options are many. The best gallery walls have good lighting and add to the room’s charm rather than making the space feel cramped or cluttered.
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Spacing Your Display

Do you think in terms of rectangles, squares, or circles? All such prints and photographs can be a part of your wall. For instance, some choose to have frames and displays of different and altering sizes and shapes, while others opt for a larger frame in the center, surrounded by smaller images. Do your research online by searching “Gallery Wall Layout” for different spacing and shape suggestions.

Don’t Fear Words

A framed word, poem, or saying can add a spark and meaning to a wall featuring photos. Beyond words, sometimes a framed memento can be an exciting addition which you can easily do with our custom stickers.
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How to hang galley walls?

Carefully. Be sure to have a pencil, measuring tape, blue painter’s tape, nails and screws, a hammer, a leveler, Phillip’s head screwdriver, and a notepad to jot down any design ideas or wall measurements.


Contrary to what you might think, printing your own art and photographs is often cheaper than paying the overhead for in-store prints. This also gives you far more creative control over which images you incorporate. The great thing about a Gallery Style Display is how personalized it can be to your space and style. It’s also not set in stone! What looks good online or on a pad of paper may not look good on the wall. So, ask for the opinions of friends, family, or customers, and shift things around when the day to arrange your wall arrives!

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