How Pole Banners are Utilized in Promotions and Advertising

How Pole Banners Are Utilized In Promotions And Advertising   

Pole banners, lamp post banners, and street pole banners are exactly what they sound. These are signs made of very sturdy, efficient and quality materials that are meant to be placed on poles and lamp posts. The most common design is a piece of tarpaulin stretched across a sturdy metal frame and hung using durable hardware. These are hung high on poles or lamp posts near a business or along an area where the ad applies.

We recommend using pole banners if you are looking for a reliable and cost-efficient advertising strategy. We have some pole banner ads variations that you can use for your business today.

Lamp Post Banners To Announce A Sale, Contest Or A Special Offer

Lamp post banners are easy to install and thus easy to remove. It can be an easy yet efficient way to announce any sale, contest or a special offer for a new product in any business. Our banners are available in a variety of sizes to fit any ad or announcement. Only durable and quality materials are used to make sure that your ads stay for as long as you need them to stay put!

Pole Signs To Direct Customers To Your Business

Are you new to your community? Would you like people to find your store or business easily? A pole sign can be set up to tell customers how near or far you are. You can also add information like your store address, phone number, email or website so customers can check you out some other time. Our pole signs are guaranteed to stay.

Street Pole Banners To Wish Customers A Good Cheer

Pole Banners

Pole Banners


Have you ever been to a department store or a shopping complex during the holidays? Aside from using the actual store interiors and exteriors, they also make use of outdoor installations such as posts and lamp posts to greet customers. During Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other special holidays of the year, they set up street pole banners to spread some cheer. This can be read by walking shoppers and even driving customers and are known to be very effective. We can set up street pole banners to hold your holiday greetings on poles and lamp posts along on your street or near your store. We can guarantee that all banners are made of quality materials to ensure that these signs last the entire season as well!



Banner flag pole signs to welcome customers to a new business

A new business or a new shop opening soon? What better way to welcome guests and clients to your store than by using a banner flag pole? It’s eye-catching, practical, smart and affordable and therefore the ideal way to welcome customers anytime. We have a variety of banners for you; you can choose the best one that will work perfectly for your business.

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  1. Franklin White says:

    I like the idea of putting up pole signs around your business so people can find it easily from the street. This would be perfect for a building that is near a park or a busy part of town. People will easily see the sign while walking around which can increase their chances of going to your store.

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