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How Long Will Sintra Board Printing Last?

Being in the printing and signage business for a long time has made us one of the most trusted names in commercial printing and believes me; commercial printing projects have the most unique demands. Commercial signage, especially outdoor signage needs a material that will generally stand the test of the elements and something that will forever stay vibrant and readable despite being used countless times. Marketing signs for commercial establishments and business definitely cost a lot; it would be unwise to choose a material that will only be utilized for a few times. This is why we recommend using Sintra board prints. Click for or further reading on "What Sintra board is used for".

Why Sintra boards?

Sintra board printing is basically printing using PVC boards, and PVCs are very durable yet flexible. It is the signage material we recommend for outdoor signage, yard signs, directional signs and menu boards for restaurants. Sintra board printing will last for a long time or for as long as you need the sign because this type of material is tough as nails. Our clients have subjected their Sintra signs to countless extremes and have concluded that:

Sintra PVC Board

Sintra boards will stay vibrant

Our customers agree that PVC boards will still convey marketing or advertising messages no matter how old your sign is. It won’t fade and because there is little glare produced by Sintra boards; people who will see your sign can read what you mean even from several meters away.

Sintra boards are lighter and can withstand drops

PVC boards are lighter, and our clients who use this for human signage agree that this is the best type of sign for the job. Foam core prints or other materials will break or will simply be worthless after a few falls. But a Sintra board will still be in great shape despite being used over and over again. It is all compact polyvinyl chloride, so there are no moving parts or anything that will ruin your sign at all.

Sintra boards are cheaper

Our clients agree that Sintra boards are cheaper than most materials and therefore replacing broken signs or ordering a new one won’t leave a hole in your wallet. But since Sintra board printing lasts longer you will save a lot on commercial advertising printing costs. Are you ordering commercial or outdoor signage for the first time? Do you need signage that is vibrant, affordable and will last for as long as you want it? Then there is no other material for you than a PVC board or a Sintra board.

Order Sintra board prints from a professional trade printer

The only way to get cheaper Sintra prints is to order from a professional trade printer. We will be glad to help you out and provide you with the best rates. A PVC board print will surely fit your budget and give you years of service, exactly what you have been looking for in outdoor commercial signage. Your ads will be clearer, more readable and definitely more effective when you use quality Sintra board printing.


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