Gatorboard Prints | What You Need To Know

Gator board printing projects and learning it's endless uses

Here at Foam Core Print, we bring you the highest quality products at the lowest of prices, printing superior family portraits on GatorBoard is an excellent and affordable way to liven up your walls in your business or home. With an attractive wood surfer exterior, Gator Board prints are ideal for indoor use and deliver durability and strength than simple foam core prints.

Gator Board

Gator Board is a material that is used for printing with a foam core and made of light wood that gives a smooth glowing, and bright look and still gives your prints durability and firmness that is worth its cost. If your next endeavor needs a long-lasting display and mounts up flexibility, Gatorboard printing is an excellent option. Gator Board is one of the best-looking prints that you can invest in with high-quality ink and smooth surface, illustrations produce bright and radiant images. Created especially for long-enduring signs Gator board prints have an appealing artistic splendor greater than other print surfaces.

What makes Gator Boards durable?

Gator Board contains dense plastic foam fused between two layers of wood-fiber, and its form is much like foam core boards except for its center. Gator boards have much more endurance to pressure, and the wood fiber is stronger than foam core's paper finish. It also is resistant to bending, folding, scratching, and rupturing which makes it an excellent option material for presentations and exhibition displays. The foam center makes it lightweight and easy to hang from a ceiling or to transport wherever you need it to go.

Qualities and usage of Gator Boards

Gator Board Printing Gator Board Printing

Gator boards have many qualities such as convenience since they are lightweight they are easy to transport from one place to another with no problem. There is also no need to worry about it getting damaged thanks to its compressed polystyrene foam core and rock hard wood-fiber it is resistant to scratches, dents, and water. Gator Boards can also be customized to fit your needs and can print any digital print or direct screen print graphic or image of your liking. Gator Boards can be used for interior, and exterior settings and are usually used for work or craftsmanship displays, marketing and advertising a product or service, in business meetings and events, they can also be seen in real estate and courtyard locations.

Gator Boards and Ultra Boards

Gator Boards and Ultra Boards are very similar just with their weight, but the only difference between both is the outside layer. Gator Board is are covered in wood finish coating where Ultra Board is concealed in a plastic sheet. Also, Ultra Board Printing tends to be more glossy and is more reflective but is not robust enough to handle a load of weight and will bend whereas Gator Boards are more than capable of handling pressure without a problem.

The lifespan of Gator Board

The duration of a Gator Board is known to last for a few years especially if used indoors along with proper care and use. They are not meant for outdoor use and can be damaged in severe weather conditions.

Foam Core Facts

At Foam Core Print we are proud to present Web 2 Print technology, which is built into our website. It’s simple and straightforward, making your project a cinch. Not only that, but our customer support team is totally based in the US and available over the phone, through email, or on chat support. For our resale customers, expect to be priced below wholesale, and drop shipping is always an included service at no extra charge. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and every client has an account manager.

Our commitment

Foam Core understands the marketing world and how important printing has become to build a successful business. Printing is a great marketing tool for companies that are looking to form a connection with their customers with a visual understanding. Here at Foam Core Print, we are committed to making your visions come to life with our modern technology and printing services we will help you maintain your competitive edge in attracting new and potential customers. We value our customers


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