Gatorboard and Foamboard Are They Arch Rivals? What's the Difference!

Gatorboard and Foamboard Are They Arch Rivals? What's the Difference!

When it comes to advertising, in the business industry, signage prints are the latest and the most efficient and affordable technique that has proven to give excellent results to attracting and appealing new and existing clients. What would you say are the best printing signage’s and why? There are many great options in the printing industry, but the most popular would have to be foamboard prints and gatorboard printing. Why? And where can I get more information about signage and prints for my business? is one of the companies with the best foam board printers, and they are great at answering any questions you might have about signage and printing types, sizes, graphics, and prices. They offer overnight printing and have the most affordable prices. So, let’s talk about gator board printing and foam board prints, and what makes them the best options for display.


Gator Board Printing Gator Board Printing

What is gatorboard? And why should I choose gatorboard printing for my next display? Gatorboard printing holds one of the most durable and flexible foamboards. Gatorboard is the best if you are looking to mount a poster or image display. It is also one of the strongest and at the same time lightweight of foam boards that are durable to bending, crushing, and warping. Gatorboard printing has an inner core made of foam with a sturdy exterior composed of wood veneer which makes gatorboard water resistant and comes standard in a matte finish. Gatorboard is a better alternative because of its quality and is ideal for business logos, product and service displays and portable menu displaying as well. Gator board printing can also be mounted on the wall by drilling holes and using screws and hooks. It is also the best alternative for business displays if you are looking to save some money.

Foamboard Prints

Foamboard prints are composed of a thick and robust foam interior, and a thin white cardboard exterior and are a bit more affordable than gatorboard (Not by much!). Prints on foam board are more commonly used for business presentations, school projects, and advertising. So, what makes foam board prints so popular and why? Prints on foam board are lightweight, flexible and affordable. Foam board printing is a solid foam core sandwiched stuck between white paper surfaces. Prints on foam board give a quality high gloss finish that will cause an impression on your audience.

What's The Difference

Poster Board Printing Foamboard Printing

So, what is the difference between gatorboard and prints on foam board? If you are not sure what is the best option here are the differences and similarities to help you make a decision that will work best for you. Prints on foamboard come in 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/2” thickness, are lightweight, are composed of polystyrene foam core, are slightly bendable, but if too much pressure is applied, it can cause damage. Foamboard printing can be drilled to make holes for easier mounting and can be printed on both sides, comes in a standard high gloss finish but is only available with white siding. Gatorboard only comes in 3/16” and 1/2” thickness, it is not as flexible or bendable, which is why is serves as an alternate to foamboard prints! It’s still lightweight, can also be drilled for better mounting, printed on both sides and comes standard in black with a matte finish.


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