Foamcore Printing Facts They Don’t Want You To Know!!

Foamcore Printing Facts They Don’t Want You To Know

Foamcore boards or foam core printing is possibly something you’ve heard about. Yes, it’s lightweight because it’s made of foam and is, therefore, perfect for many applications like school projects, personal home printing, for commercial prints, and trade show prints. Because it’s light, it is easy to mount and will be easy to set up and take down once you are done. But there are many things that you might not know about foamcore and here are a few that we know you’ll be glad to know:

Foamcore Is Not Just One Big Chunk Of Foam

Foamcore Board Foamcore Board

Foam boards usually have three layers: there is an inner layer made up of polystyrene or polyurethane foam with an outer facing on each side and a layer of cotton paper, archival cotton paper, or standard Kraft brown paper. This ensures that foam will never break off and will be ready for printing ASAP. Since foam boards are used for picture framing, the acid-free alpha-cellulose board is the best choice. This type of foam board has a longer lifespan and will never leach acid to your artwork or photographs.

Foamcore Boards Has Been Around Since The 1950s

If you think that foam boards are something new, think again! This type of printing was started in 1957 and was initially made in 3 mm and 5 mm thicknesses. It was first made by Monsanto and was branded as Foam-Core. Now it is a popular backing in picture frames, large-type displays, and galleries and home use. The method eventually moved on with more types of foam core materials too.

You Can Order Foamcore Boards In Varying Thickness And Sizes

You can order foamcore and foam boards in varying sizes and shapes according to your project needs. This material is now available in 1/8" to 3/16" thicknesses and even a large 1/2" version for large applications. Still uncertain what size your prints are or how thick your foam boards should be? Talk to an expert before you place your order.

Some Specialized Foam Boards

You can find different, high-specialized foam boards on the market today. Foam cored materials with styrene or plastic coating are available which is ideal for outdoor signage that will stand the elements. This type of foam board is so thick and durable that you need a panel saw to cut it. Some boards are clay-coated and are one of the most durable. This board is durable but requires highly-specialized paint and inks for printing. And of course, never use water-based glues on foam core since this will only warp foam fibers. The best way to stick anything to a foam board is by using adhesive sheets or double-sided adhesive paper. And Let’s Talk Foam Core Still unsure if foam core printing is for you? We will be glad to help you out! Contact us now and let’s get started on using foamcore for your projects.


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