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Floor Graphic Advertising

We brand everything from roofs, theme parks, and overpasses. So why wouldn’t we use the floor to advertise? This is a much-underused treatment that is an eye-catching promotional tool, especially when wall space may be at a premium. Additionally, these decals are ideal for directing traffic in your retail space, at a trade show, or another special event. Floor decals are an excellent way to create an advertisement that is both unique and eye-catching. They are used for various businesses, from retail stores to recreation centers, corporate offices, shopping malls, and more. There is no limit to what can be done with durable floor decals; the only limit is your own creativity! Maybe you’ve noticed how popular adhesive floor stickers have become over the years. They’ve been used to guide people to emergency exits or to a new product within stores. They’re an inexpensive method to advertise your brand, and it’s natural for people to look where they’re going. The adhesive decal stickers will catch their eyes and view the advertisement. Most floor graphics use vinyl that is backed with an adhesive. It has a protective laminate over the top, which will prevent damage and allow for durability. A typical floor graphic will last around 6 months, though this may depend on the levels of footfall and the environment it’s placed in. There are a variety of applications with floor graphics; they can be placed on wood surfaces, outdoor concrete sidewalks, indoor sealed concrete floors, and more. Floor decals can be applied to just about any smooth surface! We can even create decals that could work for low pile carpets. Floor graphic advertising is an excellent way to brand, advertise, and offer imagery to the floor of any business, office, or event. You can choose from various materials and even opt for a slip-resistant material. When it comes time to remove the decal, you don’t need to worry about a sticky residue and buy expensive chemicals to remove them, and they’ll peel right off.

  • Carpet Graphics – the perfect option to stick to low pile carpet without leaving any mess behind when they are removed.
  • Custom Shape Floor Graphics – the perfect non-skid option for laminate flooring.
  • Outdoor & Sidewalk Floor Graphics – a decal designed for the outdoors will be durable and weather-resistant for as long as 6 months under regular traffic.
  • Exact Cut Floor Graphics – this offers a non-skid decal that is cut to look like it’s part of the flooring.

No matter material you’re looking for or your floor dimensions- we can create the custom floor decals in the shape and size that you need them. Our floor decals are easy to install, reposition, and remove. Why use Foam Core Print?

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Frequently asked Questions

What are floor graphics?

Floor decals typically come in the form of a sticker, and they are designed to last anywhere from 3-6 moths without fading, cracking, or peeling away from almost any smooth surface on which they have been placed.

How long do floor graphics last?

Floor graphics are designed for temporary signage and should not be used longer than 6 months; doing so can be dangerous for pedestrians. If the proper steps are followed on installation, you should expect the lifespan of floor stickers is 3 to 6 months.

What are floor graphics made of?

Floor graphics are a uniquely formulated 3.4 mil polymeric matte white flexible calendered vinyl film with a removable high-performance pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on a 90# layflat liner.

Are floor graphics effective?

Absolutely, Yes. Floor graphics are very effective. Floor graphics can be the most cost-effective adverting solution when applied correctly, designed with bright colors and explicit advertising that conveys your message.

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