Outdoor signs
Durable long-lasting outdoor sign advertising

Outdoor signage or outdoor sign should designs, symbols, patterns, and graphics to express a message to a particular group of people for the intention of marketing a product or service. Outdoor signs are any visual design that is displayed in places such as streets or interior and exterior of buildings. Now you can expand your business with minimal investment and with a great advertising tool, which is outdoor signs. Companies are always looking for a new way to advertise and share information but want something that is convenient, light in weight, durable, and cost-efficient. At Foam Core Print, we are aware of your needs and provide many options and styles that you can choose from. Outdoor signs are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and are long-lasting. Foam Core is here to help you create the best outdoor sign that will attract and interest new and potential clients.

Printing on Aluminum

Custom Aluminum Signs Custom Aluminum Signs

Printing on Aluminum is an improvement of printing and the growth of printing technology – a link between fine art and commercial art. Aluminum prints are metal prints that are more dazzling and bright than most other digital photographs and are also tough, durable, and sturdy and water-resistant, which modifies the nature of the image on the sign. The life span of aluminum printing can be extended through the application of UV layers or coating. Printing on Aluminum is also very lightweight, and one of the most durable of signs and is used for many purposes, such as the following. Ceiling displays, window signs, price signs, floor stands, pole signs, brand spotter displays, interior and exterior signs, static cling decals, floor stands menu boards, holders, and more. Aluminum Signs Aluminum signs are perfect weatherproof signs that won't rot and can be used just about anywhere, especially outdoors in unpredictable weather conditions. They also offer a smooth and state-of-the-art look, and since they are very durable can be cut into any shape. If you are looking to advertise or brand your business, Aluminum signs are an excellent selection. Outdoor Aluminum signage is one of the most sustainable signs on the market and will not rust as steel signs do. With that bright and glowing shine that Aluminum signs give you are sure to attract customers. What makes Aluminum signs so attractive for business owners is its durability, its cost-effectiveness, and its long-life span.

Dibond Signs

Dibond Printing Dibond Printing

Dibond is a type of Aluminum composite with a polyethylene core and with metal faces one on each side of the center. Dibond signs are sleek, don't require much care, and are durable, which makes them an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use. Dibond sign can be printed on one or both sides and has become one of the most common signs made from two aluminum boards with foam core inserted in the middle and provides the best balance of light and durable. Balance out about half as much as Aluminum, but with a heavier intensity of the panels, Dibond printing signs are an excellent choice for a long-lasting and top-notch quality material to print your print and advertise your business.

Dibond Finish Options

When it comes to the completion of a Dibond sign, there are a few options that you can choose from, such as Aluminum sheet exteriors, which come in a spiral painted color, in brushed aluminum finishes, and bronzed Dibond finishes. The Brushed Aluminum finish gives it the highest quality metal finish. With an aluminum finish, you get a similar look but with thicker and weighing less. The bronzed finish is another type of Dibond sign that some customers prefer over the usual or brushed aluminum finish. Another reason why Dibond signs are attractive is that they are fade-resistant, rustproof, and long-lasting (will last up to five years).

PVC Signs

Sintra PVC Board Sintra PVC Board

PVC signs are thin, lightweight and are easy to mount up with screws, adhesive tape, and you can even have holes drilled in to hang it from the ceiling. PVC signs can customer shaped into any size to catch attract your potential customers and are also waterproof. Regardless of what type of printing you need, Foam Core Print is here to assist you with your advertising needs.

  1. Finley Moreira

    I didn't realize there were so many different materials available for sign advertising! I like how you pointed out that using signs to advertise is effective due to its low cost. I'd be willing to try this form of marketing if I were a business manager in charge of those sort of decisions.

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    • Mary Wynyard

      Hi I'm recently starting a business and will be needing little signs for outside and to connect to stone mainly is there size limit smaller the better what would u prefer plz and could I have a rough price range

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