Awesome DIY Family Reunion Banners Ideas

Awesome DIY Family Reunion Banners Ideas

If you've ever been to a family reunion, you'll know that a lot actually goes into making them fun. If a lot of people do show up for the event, it can be a fantastic time filled with lots of food, games, and family members you never even knew you had. So, what happens when you are tasked with organizing one, and you just didn't know where to start? Well, we're here to help you with making a selection of attractive, brilliant banners that you could make on your own. Banners are a necessity regardless of the occasion. However, they've become more or less attached to the family reunion scene more than other events. Apart from the fact that they look fantastic, family reunion banners and signs actually tend to present a look that you're serious about the event. Think of them as Christmas trees and lights when the festive season comes rolling by. A lot of planning goes into running a family reunion, but you can always work on these innovative welcome banners to take things out of the norm.

A banner with handprints

To make this family banner here's what you will need;

  1. An everyday piece of cloth (or cardboard). Just a surface that you can paint stuff on. Also, make sure it's large
  2. Water and come soap (or any other cleaning agent)
  3. Wipes
  4. Paint

With the handprints banner, you will simply create a banner that has the name of your family on it. Then, you can simply put the banner at the front of your family reunion, and as people come in, they can have their hands put in paint and stamp their handprints on the plain banner. If you will like to put a little bit of a personalized touch to it, you can have a paintbrush laid there so that everyone can have their names writer next to their handprints. They serve as good indoor banners, but not as great outdoor ones.

The (family name) footprint banner

To get this banner done, you'll need just about the same tools that you would need for the option described above, but it's still really easy to follow this banner template - this is perfect for family trees as well. However, the significant difference, as the name notes, is that using this banner would require that people take their feet off and have their footprints planted on the banner. It might take a little bit of time for you to clean the paint off your feet, but the banner idea is definitely one of the most creative ones out there.

The burlap banner

  1. Here's what you'll need for this banner:
  2. Burlap material
  3. Cut out squares

Making this banner is a little bit of work, but it is definitely worth it nonetheless. With the use of these tools and single, bold better on every square, you can have the family name spelled out. It's a great way of keeping your banner personalized, although it is vital that you get things right. If you need help, don't be scared to ask for it.

Your family crest or coat of arms

Okay, look; it's not like we're in Westeros or some mystical world where every family (or house, if you will) has a coat of arms or some logo. However, some families actually do get represented by crests or a "coat of arms." If your family is one of those, then you could have it printed on your family reunion banner. T's sophisticated and family-related; no downside here.

The picture clothesline banner

To put this banner up, here are a few things you'll need:

  1. A string (or rope)
  2. Two poles or trees, depending on where your family reunion is being held
  3. A clip

Now, here's what you do; get the string or rope fixed to the two poles, thereby forming a "clothesline." Then, have the pictures of every family member put on it. You can opt to do the picture posting by yourself, or you could have every attendee bring their own pictures and just have the pictures pegged to the line as they come in.

A bizarre flag as a banner

To get this, you'll need:

  1. A bed sheet
  2. A metal rod
  3. Anything that can stick to the flag

Really, there are no more descriptions here. Have the bedsheet strung to the metal rod, and you can use anything that sticks to it to form components to your flag. It could be nail polish, spray paint, anything at all.

The Tie-dye flag

It is a little bit similar to the previous option, but this one works pretty well for people who just find the white background on a flag to be a tad boring. All you have to do is get the banner and run a little tie-dye project on it, then you can add a little message for the attendees. I'm pretty sure some weirdos in your family would appreciate this.

Define your family

With colored paint and single words, you can write out different words that you believe are apt descriptions of your family all over your banner. However, it is essential that you avoid using any dark colors with this. When it dries off, you can paint your family name or message in black or dark-colored paint.

Names on the banner

This idea is quite similar to the one outlined above, and all you have to do is paint the name of all the family members in attendance with colored paint. Then, once the paint dries off, paint your message or family name in dark colors.

Get a large, customized banner

The best thing that this banner has going for it would have to be its size. So, to make it, here are a few things that you would need:

  1. Poster boards
  2. Paint

If you want to make a banner that's so big, it could be seen from almost outer space, then you can simply use poster boards and spell out your family name with a large block letter on every poster board. Then, on each of the poster boards, bet other words starting with every letter of your family name written as well. For instance, if your family name is "Evans," you can have words such as "Energetic," "Eminent," "Elegant," "Excellent," etc. written on the board with the "E." You can make one yourself by following these steps, but it's a LOT easier if you just order online.


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