#1 Custom Tire Stickers | Sideline Lettering That’s Easy to Install

#1 Custom Tire Stickers | Sideline Lettering That’s Easy to Install

Tire lettering is quite popular. In 1922, Firestone launched its balloon tires with a stenciled brand name on the tires, and since then tire lettering grew like wildfire. There are two types of lettering-the sticker (decal) method and the stencil method. Both are used to apply lettering to tires, especially on auto racing cars. We’ve compiled a list of places you can get custom tire stickers, so keep scrolling.

Custom Tire Stickers

A tire sticker enhances the appearance of your car, making it more expensive looking. It can transform your vehicle into a race car, and it is quite affordable.

Unlike the typical decals you see on window shops or cars; tire stickers are made from specialized, cut-out rubber. You can use these stickers on your car or power bike, and you can choose between a temporary or permanent sticker.

Custom tire stickers are easy to install and some of them come with a kit and a manual. Most online stores have moved away from tire paint pens, stencils and stickers and have navigated to the more long-lasting solution—custom white letter tires.

Raised white tire letter are easy to install and are made from durable rubber composite compound with adhesive that sticks the letters to the tire.

Tire stickers use an adhesive that sticks almost permanently to the tires because they use a different type of adhesive. These adhesives cure which is quite different from the adhesive on a sticker and are similar to custom number decals for motorcross.

Making the Decals from Scratch

If you can’t afford to splurge on the kits or stickers from regular sellers, you can make your own tire decals from scratch using the following steps;

  • Measure your tires
  • Design the logo on your software (adobe illustrator)
  • Print out the logo exactly as it is on your tire
  • Get your white rubber sheet and use an X-Acto knife to trace out the letters.
  • Secure each letter on the rubber sheet with a scotch tape
  • Use an X-Acto to cut around the letters to form white rubber sheet letters.
  • Now you should have all your letters on the rubber sheet. Use a black marker to color the edges of the letters.
  • Take all the rubber sheet letters and arrange them the way they’ll be stuck to your tire.
  • Use a masking tape on top of all the letters to stick them together.
  • Clean your tire, till its squeaky clean.
  • By now all your letters should be held together with a tape. Use super glue to stick them to the sideline of your tire and put pressure on them for at least 10 seconds. You can also use FleXement Adhesive, if super glue is not available.

This sticker is quite easy and should last for a while.

How to Apply Tire Stickers: DIY

If you want to do a quick DIY with your tires, and you have raised rubber letterings, hers how to apply the stickers on your tires.

  1. Use acetone to remove any oil and dust from the tire. Dust can hinder the adhesive from sticking properly to the sidewalls of the tire. Cleaning the tire will make sure it adheres for longer. Repeatedly clean the tires until there’s no sign of dust or oil on the rag.
  2. Place the face of the raised rubber lettering on the tacky side of transfer film (clear sticky tape) and apply FleXement Adhesive evenly to the back of each letter. Do not put excessive glue on any of the letters. This will cause oozing and shortage of glue. One FleXement adhesive is enough for 40-45 letters.
  3. Press your fingertips on the letters, apply this pressure for 40-60 seconds on each letter.
  4. Carefully remove transfer film (clear sticky tape) without lifting the white lettering.
  5. If there are any lifting edges, reapply adhesive and put pressure. Press the letters for 45-60 seconds to allow the glue set.
  6. Use FleXement to seal edges of each letter. Once the edges are sealed, leave the decal for a minimum of 1 hour before driving your car, power bike or truck.

Cleaning, Repair, and Removing

When it comes to cleaning tire stickers, do not use harsh chemicals and products that contain alcohol or chlorine bleach. Do not expose the decals to tire shine or similar chemicals.

You can use whitewall tire cleaner for your tire letterings. Wait till the tires are cool to touch, then use water to clean them. Spray the whitewall on your cleaner and use it to clean the letterings.

Leave it on for a few minutes to absorb the dirt and grime. Then scrub off with a bristled brush if necessary. Rinse the tires with water.

If the decals are beginning to peel away due to a wrong application, tricky sidewall surfaces or damage from abrasion, repeat steps 2-4 for re-applying.

Decals can last for a long time, especially if they are permanent. However, if you have semi-permanent stickers and you ever want to get rid of it, you can use vice grips/pliers to clamp on a peeled edge and yank it off. You can then proceed to clean off the remaining adhesive with acetone and a light sanding pad (220 or similar).

Only clean these stickers when it is completely necessary, because you compromise the bond/adhesive every time you clean. The brown stains you see on the top are usually permanent, because they come from inside the sticker material all the way to the surface.

More Stickers!

Tires is just one thing stickers can be applied to. Other popular applications include:


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