Custom Halloween Banners | Awesome Ideas for the Spookiest Holiday

Custom Halloween Banners | Top Personalizable Options for a Spooky Celebration

If you hate Halloween, then you shouldn't be on this page, this is strictly for people looking forward to filling their house with skulls, pumpkin carved scary faces, sprayed on spider webs, and all things Halloweeny. Halloween is fun and decorating for Halloween brings out the scary part of you. It forces you to tap into every scary movie you’ve watched and turn your house into a scary paradise, fun! For this one, we’ll be showing you how to customize Halloween banners if you're looking for alternatives to get banners from online at an affordable price.

DIY Banners to Try at Home

It’s time to gather your kids around, if you don’t have kids gather your friends around and get to work with these DIY Halloween banners. There’s no such thing as too many banners in a Halloween party, actually the more, the better. One can say “Spooky,” another can have a skull stringed with bats and a “boo” in the middle of both, scattered all over your house. Halloween decorations are fun with absolutely no restrictions. Here’s a DIY Halloweeny banner to try at home, a FoamCorePrint team favorite.

Happy Halloween Banner

Things You’ll Need to make Halloween banner

  • Jute Twine
  •    Canvas or painters drop cloth
  •    Black craft paint and brushes
  •    Sharpie
  •    Instant coffee (and preferably a casserole dish to soak them in)
  •    A sewing machine
happy halloween characters

Let’s get to making!

Your canvas should be about 9”x6,” or you can go bigger than that if you want. Instead of cutting with scissors, rip the canvas or painters drop cloth to give the edges a rough look. Take the cloth to your sewing machine (and if you don’t have one you can hand sew) fold the top part of the fabric, leaving a little gap to feed the twine through. Print and cut a letter template online, apply this on the cloth, and use black paint to fill it up. Once all the letters are painted and dried… completely dry, add coffee to a casserole dish and submerge each letter in. Take the cloth out and gently use a towel to blot out any extra liquid. Leave them outside to sundry, and it should be perfectly coffee stained. Once they are sun-dried, feed the string through the loop, and your “happy Halloween” coffee-stained banner is ready to be hung.  

Trick or Treat Banner

Things You’ll Need to make Trick or Treat Banner

  •    Twine
  •    Cardstock
  •    Printable banner letters
  •    Printer
  •    Hole Puncher

This banner is quite easy to make, probably even easier than the first banner. Printable banner letters online are easy to get and are absolutely free. You’ll need to download, print using cardstock, and cut these letters with scissors. Cardstock is better than regular office paper because they are thick and make the design solid. Typically, the printable letters online already have a nice and Halloween design. Use a hole puncher to punch holes on the top of all the letters, then string them together. And that’s it! Your trick and treat banner is ready. To make these banners pop a little, get black and orange ribbons and tie them to either end of the strings.

happy halloween decorations

Ghost Boo! Banner

Things You’ll Need to make Ghost Boo! Banner

  •    Printable letter templates
  •    Glitter glue
  •    Eight 4 ½ inch paper doilies
  •    Cardstock circles (any color)
  •    6” wide black glue sparkle tulle
  • Roll permanent glue dots
  •    Twine
  •    Glue
  •    Hole Puncher

Download all black letters online on cardstock or download them on black cardstock. Paint glitter glue on all eight letters, sprinkle glitters on the letters and leave it to dry. Add glue to the paper doilies and paste it on the black cardstock paper. Make sure they are centered properly. Apply glue to the back of all the letters as well. Top the paper doilies with the letters. You can add these ruffles or leave them out; either way, this design will definitely come out awesome. Cut at least 12” lengths of tulle for each letter. Add glue to the edge of the black cardstock, all around. Now squish the tulle together and push them into the glue. Once you’re done with this, get out your hole puncher and add two holes on the top of the black cardstock and string them together and your Ghost! Boo banner should be done. Easy right? Get these banners out for every Halloween event or get new designs from all the sites we provided and get creative!    

Spooky Felt Cricut Banner

Felt is one of the easiest things you can use to make a quick and spooky Halloween banner. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Cricut maker machine
  • Felt sheets
  • Cricut glitter iron-on
  • Wooden skulls
  • Black rolled jewels
  • Spider charms
  • Assorted sequins
  • Ribbons
  • Google eyes
  • Felt glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick

Begin by using your Cricut machine to cut out felt pieces for your banner. You can cut out ghosts, bats, skulls, and a scary pumpkin face. Cut out the felt banner template with your Cricut Maker. Stick the bats, skulls, and other elements on top of the banner template. You can incorporate some non-felt elements into the banners like markers and sequins. On the skull, you can make little felt flowers and stick them around the skull head like a crown. On one felt banner template make a spider web with two little felt black spiders on the net. You can get creative with felt and google other designs for each of the banners. With your Cricut Maker, you can make and cut anything thing. To attach your banners, use hot glue on the top of each of the banners, and stick in on the ribbon. You should be able to make 20 banners with felt to make the design really pop. If you’re not really good at designing, you can write words like horror, spooky, or scary. Just get creative and have fun.


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