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Custom Merry Christmas Banners for Church and Celebration

Snow, red, green, and melodic songs, all signify that Christmas is round and it's yet another season to celebrate with family and friends. While most people will be traveling out to celebrate the festive season, the rest of us will be spending time at home with loved ones, decorating our homes with Christmas trees and ornaments to get into the Christmas spirit.

To get into the Christmas spirit, most churches hang Christmas banners on their front porch or inside the church, you’ve probably seen a “joy to the world” party banner outside somewhere or even in front of local businesses. Banners are a great way to greet people without necessarily trying too hard.

Types of Christmas Banners

There are different types of banners you can use during the festive season to decorate inside or outside your place of worship or a hall that will be used for Christmas parties. These include;

Pull-up and retractable banners:

You’ve probably seen this type of banner before, they’re also called roll-up and usually used vertical, indoors of a church, events, or a tradeshow. They are typically six feet in height, but their width varies depending on the customer specification. These banners are usually cheaper than pop-up banners (see next point) and are easy to fold up and transport.

merry christmas pull up banner

• Pop-up booths:

This is the type of banner you see behind a speaker at a press conference. They are sturdy and can stretch wider than a retractable banner. It might not be as easy to set-up, but it takes only a few minutes to set up and take down.

• Step and repeat banners:

If you want to make your Christmas guests feel like they’re on the red carpet, a step and repeat customizes the background wall effortlessly, but with logos and pictures.

Suspended Banners and Hanging Banners:

Most people prefer this type of banners for their house, halls, during weddings, and so on. This is one of the most popular banners you can use during Christmas, a bold hanging banner tethered to either side of a pillar, is bound to get noticed.

Mesh banners:

Mesh banners are quite popular and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are more permeable, so wind can pass through without lifting it up. Hence, this type of banner can withstand any kind of weather, making them perfect for the outdoors. These types of banners also make great Christmas door and Christmas gift banners.

• Fabric banners:

This is usually made from polyester or satin and is machine-washable and crease-resistant. You can pull out this banner for every Christmas party year after year because they are long-lasting and durable.

Vinyl banners:

These are hands-down the most durable banners because of the material it’s made of. They can be used inside or outdoors and are tear-resistant. They tend to be heavier than their cloth counterparts.

Why Use Vinyl Banners?

During the Christmas season, vinyl banners are notably seen everywhere because they are ridiculously easy to spot, even from a mile away. “Season’s Greetings from *insert church name here*” can be seen in front of most stores or homes during Christmas, but with a vinyl banner, it is bound to last for years.

Vinyl banners are notoriously weather and rain resistant, which is what you want from any banner, it isn’t worth making a new banner every season. They will resist getting torn even with high winds, which is perfect for the Christmas period.

Vinyl banners are also incredibly cheap to print. You can get a 10-foot banner for less than $200 that is water-resistant with pole pockets for easy set-up.

DIY Christmas Background Banner with Cricut Maker

If you’re not planning on outsourcing the banner to a printing company, you can DIY the banner for your event. The DIY version won’t be a professional as the outsourced banners, but it is a fun way to show off your creative side in that you can also create flags from these techniques.

DIY Christmas banner

Tools required

• Cricut Maker Machine

• Cricut EasyPress

• Cricut Glitter Iron-on Vinyl in Red

• 12 x 24 StandardGrip Mat

• 12 x 24 FabricGrip Mat

• Duck Cloth

• Ribbon

• Sewing Machine

• Design Space Cut File

Step-by-step tutorial

• Open the cut file and turn the white parts of the cut file off by clicking the eye next to them. Then cut your polka dots from the red glitter iron-on vinyl.

• Once you have your polka dots all cut, weed your vinyl, very carefully. You’ll want to save the part that you are weeding! Now you’re ready to iron it onto your fabric.

• Place your polka dots onto the fabric. Set your EasyPress to the right setting for the fabric and iron on vinyl you are using.

• Cover it with a cloth and then start pressing it!

• Once you have the first sheet of polka dots on your fabric, then line up your second sheet. Press the sheets of dots

• Once you have it all pressed and the carrier sheets are off, you should have a nice large section of glitter polka-dotted fabric.

• Next, place your weeded sheet from the polka dots onto your fabric. Smooth it out well. If you still have the carrier sheet from the polka dots, you could try using that.

• For the fabric with just the dots on it, place the dots face down. Install the rotary blade and then cut your fabric.

• Now you’ll have all your pieces cut, stitch them up with a ribbon in a banner-like manner.

And that’s it! Your Christmas decorations are done and ready to be hung outside. This can be used as a welcome banner outside the church, house, or an event hall for a warm Christmas welcome. As an alternative to a DIY, try using a photo banner, like below:

wishing you happy holiday don't drink and drive sign

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