Coroplast Print Solution? Learn Why and Save Money Using It!

Coroplast Is Your Print Solution, Learn Why, and Save Money Using It!

coroplast signs Yard Sign Printing

Why should I use Coroplast for printing? And what is Coroplast? Coroplast also is known as (yard signs) is used for many printing purposes indoors and outdoors. It is a versatile material that holds a double-sided polypropylene with corrugated plastic. Coroplast signage is lightweight and is one of the most affordable printing materials. Corrugated plastic is a very durable material which makes them perfect for anyone on a budget that is looking to advertise or promote with customized prints. Yard sign prints hold a substance that makes it difficult to warp, puncture or crush and is also waterproof but can be prone to bowing in high-temperature places. FoamCorePrint can use rigid materials with waterproof and UV inks, so your message and images won’t fade, peel, or shrink. Coroplast gives your print a rigid and refined presence. Also, Coroplast needs some form of structure for support.

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signage

Coroplast prints are very versatile, but they are commonly used for display at special events, restaurant menu boards, point of purchase, yard signs, tradeshow support displaying, promotional signage, informational signage, farmer markets and festivals, storefronts, presentations, meetings, advertising, and much more. There are a variety of printing options when it comes to Coroplast signs. Single-sided signs are for viewing in one direction only and give the option of printing on one side of the Coroplast paper. Double-sided signs can be displayed on either side and will require Coroplast sheet print on both sides. This is a great alternative to save money because you won’t need to purchase two prints and you can have them shipped faster with overnight printing service that was recently added to meet the customer’s needs. Yard signs also provide a few options if you are looking to mount your print. So, what are they? Yard sign printing can be installed using grommets, frames, suction cups, double-sided adhesive, and more commonly H steaks or (H-frames). Did you know Coroplast can also be used for indoor and outdoor display? It can withstand harsher weather conditions and if used indoors can last up to five years.

Yard Signs

Yard sign printing is an effective and efficient form to attract attention and has an impact on viewers. So, what makes these yard signs so attractive to onlookers? Two things, the shape, and color of your print. Using a different shape rather than a rectangular shape and including different colors will stand out in the crowd. If you want to install a yard sign, some of the best places are near parks, busy intersections, around and in school zones. You can also ask friends and family members to display your signs on their yards.

Corrugated Signs

Corrugated Signs

Corrugated signage also known as corrugated plastic signs are very familiar and used to design commercial signage and is very commonly used to package auto and electric parts. Coroplast has become known as being one of the best materials that hold high-quality consistency and works great as a printable surface. Coroplast sheets can be altered with additives which are melted and blended into that certain sheet to meet the customers’ demands. Coroplast is widely used for indoor displays, campaign signs, trade, and advertising display pop up display, and much more. Have your next Coroplast print sent to you with overnight printing service provided by


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