3 Inspiring Christening & Baptism Banners

3 Inspiring Christening & Baptism Banners Personalized

Custom Baptism Banners

If you just had a child, chances are, you're already planning to baptize or christen your newborn baby girl or boy into the Christian faith. This is a special time in your child's life as everyone closest to the family attends this sacred ceremony in a church. Before the baptism, most families set up decorations to celebrate the special occasion, and a simple banner is usually enough for the church ceremony. After the church celebrations, the parents of the newborn move the guests to their house for a reception. If you're wondering how to decorate your house with these simple banners, there are several baptism banner ideas to create to introduce your new bundle of joy, or you can save time and order one here.

Banner 1: God Bless *Insert Baby’s Name*

You're already probably getting only 4-5 hours of sleep thanks to your new bundle of joy. Hence, the banners we chose are quite easy to make and won't require a truckload of supplies like other banners. If you're gunning for a simple, yet chic banner for your baby boy or girl, this is the banner for you. For this banner, you'll be making a beaded ornament on top of the banner and the main banner. This should spark up the banner a bit. Supplies for the beaded banner:

  • Hemp cord
  • Yarn
  • Round wood beads
  • Small beads
god bless landon banner

Supplies for baptism banner:

  • Pink Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Printables With Personalised Lettering

Start stringing the beads together, in the middle of each bead make several small pompoms with the yarn. Gently wrap it around your finger and then secure it with a knot across the middle. Use scissors to cut the rounded ball of yarn to make the ends look like the ends of a mop. String about ten beads and then tie the poms, repeat these three times. For the banner, print out a decorated banner with letters, these can be found online. Once printed, use a hole punch to create a hole for the strings to pass through. This banner would fit perfectly across your fireplace. First, tie the beaded string, and secure in place and then about 5 inches underneath, tie the "God Bless "Olivia" banner. Decorate the fireplace with pink or blue ribbons and cute baby pictures. You can take an extra step and add pink roses as the perfect complement for your baptism banner decorations.

Banner 2: *Insert Baby Name* Christening

If you’re trying a more creative route, this banner is definitely for you. This christening banner doesn’t require a lot of printing, but you’ll definitely need a whole lot of helium.


  • Scissors
  • Clear 12-inch latex balloons
  • Balloon pump
  • Stick-on letters
  • Tissue confetti
  • Tissue fringe garland
  • Twine or ribbons

If you're not up for cutting up multi-colored papers or tissue, then you can buy some from a store. Get your inflated balloon and stuff as much confetti as possible in there about a ½ cup should do. Blow up your balloons and tie them as securely as possible. To get the confetti to spread out and cling to the interior, rub the balloons on a carpet or a sweater. Print out all the letters you need and trim them out properly. Add a thin layer of glue on the back of each letter and stick it to the middle of the balloon. Take your tissue fringe garland and hang it across the wall you’d be hanging the balloons. Tie twine around the knot of each balloon and attach it to the tissue garland so that the balloons just touch.

Banner 3: Happy Baptism *Insert Name*

This isn't the most colorful banner in the crowd, but it definitely nifty and can be reused as many times as possible. If you like to reuse your banner as many times as possible, we highly recommend this chalk cloth banner for your baby’s christening, which can be reused if and when you have another kid.


  • Chalk
  • Black Thread
  • High-Quality Felt (Not Wool) – 1/4 Yard
  • 3 Yards Ribbon, Bias Tape, Trim
christening day ballon

Before using your banner, you’ll need to cure the chalk cloth, do not skip this part if you want your banner to come out perfect. Writing on the chalk cloth without curing it would leave any drawings or writings permanent or an etched look.

Try rubbing the side of your chalk all over the chalk cloth, new or snagged chalks will most definitely leave etch marks. It is much faster and easier to load up a piece of scrap fabric with chalk dust and rub it in that way.

Now, add felt to the back of your chalk cloth. It is better to glue it to the felt first, so it doesn't shift while sewing. A line of glue to the perimeter of the chalk cloth should be plenty. Print out a pennant pattern on cardstock and then trace it out on the chalk cloth. You would need about 15 (more or less depending on the baby’s name) pennant shapes. Quilt the felt and chalk cloth together. You need to sew a line on either side of the drawn lines so that you can cut each pennant out later. Roll the fabric to help it fit through the arm of the sewing machine so you can get the whole area quilted. Now if you’re worried about the vinyl sticking to your presser foot and being difficult to sew, don’t fret! The felt on the bottom and the cured chalk dusted vinyl on top will help it glide almost effortlessly through your machine.   To turn the fabric, crank your needle in the down position, lift the presser foot, and spin your fabric as needed. Replace the presser foot and resume sewing. Now cut out each pennant by cutting carefully in between the lines you sewed (and through some sewn lines at the tops to get the pennants separated). Add your ribbon or trim or bias tape to finish off this banner. You can use some gold single-fold bias tape and hot glue it on or sew it if you own a sewing machine. You can hang your banner up with colorful ribbons by the side or decorate around the banner with flowers and baby pictures. Above are 3 amazing ideas. However, if you want professional-grade banners to make the day truly special then take a look at our banner selection.

happy baptism day cardstock

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