Canvas Prints VS Foam Board Prints!

Initially, consumers and business owners can feel confused between the choice of canvas or foam board print. To the untrained eye they can seem equivalent and, thus, the decision confusing. As with all printing, the best decision will come through asking yourself how durable you need your product to be, considering your price point, and determining the multiple uses for your printed material. Fortunately, Foam Core Print will exceed your expectations on every account.

Foam Board Printing:

canvas-foamboardFirst, let’s consider Foam Board Printing. Selecting foam board for your printing needs makes sense economically and is a popular option. Printing on a foam board is often selected because the material of foam is lower cost, yet still an attractive display for simple quality projects and printing. When used for photographs or images, it gives extra support and a more impressive mounting. One point to consider before selecting foam, is that since the side of the board is foam, it will not present as perfectly polished or even. Should the foam board printing be used for artwork, many purchase a frame to enclose their work. When it comes to presentations in the board room, school projects, or business displays, each use will need to be evaluated individually, for best results.

However, what if board printing doesn’t fit your vision or use? What if you want a higher quality print?

Canvas Printing:

canvas-printingCanvas Printing can turn your images or ideas into something worthy of a place on the wall. Canvas Printing is another well-loved option, which many opt for over Foam Board Printing due to its high quality. Canvas printed on a mat board gives a more image-conscious premiere quality print to your image or design. Should you want a gallery quality presentation, Canvas Printing is the best option, for not much more than Foam Board Printing would cost. As with Foam Board, you can leave your project unframed or mount your print in an attractive frame to enhance its attributes. Canvas printing is often preferred as it will is durable in humid environments (kitchens or bathrooms).

 Canvas and Foam Printing are preferable to paper prints, since they do not exhibit glares or reflections and can be printed large to create a remarkable wall size presentation. Additionally, they can be hung with or without a frame, and (for artwork) will look as if painted directly onto the surface. Whichever option you choose, expect that you can have it shipped within 24 hours!




6 comments on “Canvas Prints VS Foam Board Prints!”

  1. canvasprints says:

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  2. shopfugnettiimages says:

    Nice work. We also provide Canvas prints and posters for classic cars, vintage cars, supercars, muscle cars!

  3. plethora says:

    People love unique and handmade crafts. Expand your business online. Customers can pay with PayPal, and Credit Cards!

  4. Robert A Ringenberg says:

    I have worked for a printing company for 5 years now and one of our most popular products is an item that is printed on canvas-look foam core material, which I then run on my cutting table that does a V-cut so it folds into a finished art frame ready to hang on a wall. The edges wrap around and create a box type frame on the back. The corners have been adjusted so they fold leaving nothing of the foam core material showing. The finished product looks just like a more expensive canvas wrap frame, but is much lighter and costs less.
    I am constantly surprised that I don’t see more people doing these as they are popular with our clients. I did see some once at a local Sam’s but nothing beyond that.

  5. Enjoy Canvas says:

    Both canvas and foam board prints are great to use. Which one to go for depends on your preferences, whether you want to use them for fun projects such as DIY or if you are looking into a profession which requires prints. Before deciding on which prints to buy, it is best that you find out as much information about them as you can.

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