Canvas Foam Board vs. Gallery Wrap Prints

Canvas Foam Board vs. Gallery Wrap Prints

If you don't have years of experience in the printing business, you may wonder if there are differences between the giant canvas foam board and unique gallery wrap prints. These materials are widely used in the industry, but most people cannot separate one from the other. You probably don't know how to do such a thing. Don't worry then, because most people ignore it as well. These two materials used in mounted canvas printing may seem alike, but the differences are significant enough to pay attention to them. In the following lines, we will address what both the canvas foam board and gallery wrap prints look like, the key differences, and the luxury factor that we cannot just ignore.

Starting with Appearance

Both the canvas foam board and the gallery wrap prints look similar. We can say that the canvas foam board was made to imitate and look like the latter alternative. The funny thing is that only a person with basic knowledge and practice can perceive which one they see. If you don't have any experience and want to identify the quick one, examine the weight. The canvas foam board is notably lighter, making it more appropriate for lightweight canvas printing and installations, especially when the conditions of the project are too complex.
Gallery Wall

The Great Difference

When it comes to cheap canvas printing, the canvas foam board - see foam board printing here - is the way to go. The most notable difference between both materials is that the gallery wrap prints cost about three times compared to the former. This draws a particular line between making people with tight budgets choose the canvas foam board even when the expected quality demands something else. There is a reason for this. Gallery wrap prints are undeniably timeless and deliver a beautiful, elegant feeling wherever is installed. The best application for this material is art pieces placed in a nice room, dinner, or behind an ostentatious couch. On the other hand, canvas poster board is more appropriate for prominent places and less detailed pieces of mounted canvas projects because it doesn't provide the same quality and print fidelity.

Luxury Factor

Without a doubt, the canvas foam board is the right one for projects where spending is paramount. The quality is still excellent, though. But customers who desire real luxury and have the budget for it end up with gallery wrap prints. When mounted canvas projects demand an artistic feeling, the canvas foam board rarely is a valid option. Here, we must consider the most expensive alternative to get the most satisfactory result possible.

The Bottom Line

At FoamCorePrint, we delight our customers with both mounted canvas and rolled canvas printing for many different purposes. We also have plenty of experience with gallery wrap prints, often delivered to the most demanding customers looking for an authentic feeling of art and luxury. By knowing the fundamental differences between both materials, you'll be able to choose wisely the most convenient one according to your needs.


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